… till ‘happy Together’ Hwayeon Cha · mounted to vehicle person → Eric · the Nahye U.S. Was the family?


The actor Hwayeon Cha and Nahye U.S. mentions the family in the broadcasting and it is the topic. The KBS2 variety program ‘the Happy Together 4’ broadcasted at last seventh afternoon was decorated with the drama ‘the next occasion, that is one,’ feature. In this day broadcasting, the appearance in drama actors, including ‘the next occasion, that is one,’ Hwayeon Cha and Nahye U.S. appeared with the guest. Hwayeon Cha revealed that its own daughter was the actor mounted to vehicle. It told to share much the private talk in the common-point puts Hwayeon Cha and it appears together as the guest Yaechin Lim and Ihye appreciation and payback for favor daughter whom called mother. MC tax Ho was guessed and Hwayeon Cha was spoken to this “when the colleague who the tax Ho is the same is good”. It consented “it is like that” when telling the tax Ho “the mounted to vehicle bivalent in which the daughter is the actor is not”. The Nahye U.S mentioned the husband Eric. Eric told that Nahye U.S saw the actor Park sung-hun who is the husband and scene doing the love affair among the drama and it was jealous. The He “the same work is done, it understands well and there is often the case where it shares the drama monitor” were the situation where they looked again at the broadcast with the reading and had the scene in which this next kisses with Park sung-hun. It monitored and it was Nureu, the intermitor was done and explained as ‘see to me this’. After that, the Nahye U.S. added “after seeing all when it sees together because it is not temporarily suspended when seeing this our country, ‘ Lee thing ‘ can be said to be silently” and it evoked laughter. Meantime, when being the group Shinhwa member in 2017, then the Nahye U.S. got married with Eric who is the actor.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747464.htm, 2019/03/08 09:36:41]