Truly, Hanseohui is in trouble then.


It did in ‘ㅎ It will become mature Seo hui’ archaic word ‘it is brave if it is ignorant’. If there is no knowing, right and wrong of the word which I install are unable to be distinguished and I can tell bravely. However, if this without the knowing learns the enlightenment through the learning, it is him. However, what is scarier than ‘one without the knowing’ there is. It is ‘by halves, the knowing’. As it acted after thinking as one which it knows all that I am know after know by halves, was the scary thing and? The action which Hanseohui is seen is directly like that recently. It been blamed that it did according to the appearance of the actor Ryujun heat this time and there was adverse criticism and the verbal battle on the good looker from creator Kanghyeok civilians, private life mention of the group bulletproof Boy Scouts Bwi, and gender issue was brought in the past beginning with the criticism toward the transgender Harry number and infant phosphorus and the extreme statement was done habitually. The picture showing the gum was published and ‘to follow the Ryujun heat appearance’ in which there was adverse criticism started most recently, saying that Hanseohui was on its own Instagram “to follow the Ryujun heat before one” at last sixth. Its own shape of mouth that Hanser is white shot the enlargement with one which this photo does according to the peculiar which it is revealed when the actor Ryujun row laughed brightly look and it published. The netizens criticized, saying that they disparaged the appearance of the Ryujun heat and regarding this, this action of Hanseohui, that is ‘issue maker’, as to the dispute was expanded usually. At last seventh its own action which Hanser is white on this went wrong, it admitted and started. If He was uncomfortable, He is sorry, saying that it is “there is no of the evil, the photo is just watched and it follows and compares”. It will become mature Seo hui and it apologized. However, how much will not be passed, the Chaeun mistake could appearance be said to be compared along the Chaeun mistake? The picture capturing the comment of the content was published whether this reporter didn’t disparage the Ryujun heat and the dispute was raised. After that, it showed figuratively to raise the photo of one netizen, and etc. along the autumnal sentiment, in which Jeong Sung-Ho who Hanser is white appeared on the variety program and which it parodies the photo and Ryujun row along the photo of one 2se zero and shape of mouth of the Dindin and do the standard of blame to me austerely. The authenticity of one apple was previously the attitude which it cannot find. It is the person who appears in MBC survivor program ‘the great birth’ which Hanser is white and informs the face before. Thereafter, it dreamed and the smoked charge against was hit and Yoogeehaetgeeman was the cannabis the trainee identity handed over to the prosecution along with the big bang tower over your order in 2016. As a result of this, the probation was sentenced to 120 hours of probation and additional fee 870,000 won for the law breach allegation about the white drug control with the imprisonment in 3 in 4. Presently, it is the will called criminal. The Hanser which ridiculed the fans of the big bang tower and which rather it was proud ‘it embraced and the kiss did me with you brother’ instead of revealing the secrets of on the smoking pot charge reflection judged at the time is white. It moved forward for the comment collection saying that legally these rather leaving the internet bullying towards me will be punished for the Ryujun thermograph after which there is adverse criticism. The now knows whether the word which it I who Hanser is white installs has any problem. These who the Hanseohui who is the party removes one that the snowball comes later to this all problems that Hanseohui is making by oneself and it comes back as a result of being horrible on the basis of to be regrettable, watch are one that it is know altogether. It is not ‘the realization of justice which it goes it alone’ to be most needed to Hanseohui and it is ‘silence’ and ‘one’s last writing’.
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