Ask ‘the military policeman disqualification’ Dongwoo Jang and active solo activity.


The news about military policeman test disqualification of the member Dongwoo Jang of the group infinite was known. Many these were expressing that hes were sad and Dongwoo Jang foretold the active solo activity. It is interpreted as the will that it will keep the frequent meeting with the fans before the enlistment. As to the agency second ring entertainment, ” Dongwoo Jang was disqualified for the 364th military policeman test with Geewonhaetgeeman on 8th. Yet, the enlistment to active service constant didn’t come out, it revealed to be the schedule ” which joins as “***” notice of military duty came out. As to Dongwoo Jang, the man carries out the days program according to the agency with the first solo mini 1 album ‘the bi (Bye)’ title song ‘the news’ brought out at last fourth including this week comeback performance as scheduled. The album this time is the meaningful action with the solo album which Dongwoo Jang cuts with the debut for the first time in 9 years to the fans and person. The netizen ” Dongwoo Jang fighting Dong-wu, it is a pity but falling one can love the millitary service is finished healthily even though the active-duty joins the army. It waits, it does well only ” (hbh1****) ” where and comes. Because of giving present of the good album, the waited time is likely to be easily adapted. The nice man Dongwoo Jang ” (omsj****) ” Dong-wu brother It will wait. It will wait modestly. (asde****) ” Dong-wu can support always. The reaction of the fighting ” (gmld****) back is shown. Previously, U.S.A influence music medium Billboard shed intensive light on the first solo album ‘bi’ of Dongwoo Jang. Billboard introduced on ‘news’ “in the music video, while showing the choreographing with the female dancer, the vocal and passionate rap stands out”. Besides, it informed “he acted for ‘ infinite H’. The infinite brought out the digital single ‘ clock ‘ recently”. Like this, the solo album brought out crossed the domestic and the sense of presence of the certain the child He the interest was properly proved from the overseas. Dongwoo Jang who spends almost, the time of 1 year only for the album this time His who spreads before the enlistment as much as the musical spectrum of for 9 years is contained active activity is expected. Meantime, dongwoo Jang mentioned the infinite member Kim Sunggyu firstly joining you “it is likely to must go directly if the enlistment notification comes out” in the showcase opening at last fourth. The Kim Sunggyu joins the army at May last year on 14th and Dongwoo Jang is planning to join the army as the second opinion in 22 divisions with the active service middle among the infinite member.
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