The congratulation display panel ‘attention’ which the dowel Ijeu Haknyeon Choo and birthday are right, ‘the global fandom’ prepares


The idol daytime rank site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ which Deoppaekteu manages succeeded the birthday support of the group dowel Ijeu Haknyeon Choo and the display panel which is shown at Korea was opened, 9 days ‘the Ppaenaen star’s revealed the birthday congratulations view image of the dowel Ijeu Haknyeon Choo show in the Seoul 2 line subway display panel. On the 8th of last month, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ opened the birthday support event of Haknyeon Choo and achieved 100%. Therefore, Seoul 2 line subway 43 alteration electric bulletin board advertising was settled. The ment of the fans participating in the birthday support of Haknyeon Choo and photo is listed at the revealed image. The nickname ‘Wree’ told as “congratulate the birthday of Jeju prince Haknyeon Choo”. The nickname ‘the Deopjeu rubber’ “the grade, I, who it is appreciated in Ttaeeonajwo, hangs out most, the great happiness”It congratulated. The nickname ‘youngin’ is the present in which the existence itself hung out is big. It rooted all the time, the love was expressed in the future. The angel Haknyeon Choo who the nickname ‘with the class child two ri’ doesn’t have ” wing Unawares it rooted 21 year ” whether it comes down from the heaven or not. As to the nickname ‘the rabbit appears’, congratulate the birthday of ” Haknyeon Choo truly. All Kkeureot the attention it tells it loves the lifetime is together slowly walkedMeantime, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ holds ‘the Deoppaekteu music awards’ come on April 24th Namdong-gu Incheon Namdong gym.
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