The Jeon Hyeonmoo · Han Hye-Jin parting and netizen ‘the cheer dam water’


While the public couple of MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ and broadcaster Jeon Hyeonmoo and Han Hye-Jin parted the passionate love of for 1 year for the end, many these supported 2 people warmly and started. 2 people was due to declare the temporary getting off with the parting in ‘I can hire alone’ appeared together simultaneously. The parting of 2 which got the popular love people and unexpected program getting off is continuing to the warm praising message relay of the fans. Jeon Hyeonmoo agency SM C&C and Han Hye-Jin agency esteem entertainment revealed that they decided to return to the good colleague after 2 people parted in the afternoon on 6th. Jeon Hyeonmoo Han Hye-Jin said the peace in MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ appearing together for some time. These chose the broadcast installment on the coming eighth to take the rest period as the start point. The both sides agency added “it gets to have an influence on the program and is truly sorry for the individual thing to the viewers” “the looks which is good for the broadcaster Jeon Hyeonmoo and model Hanhye gin will be shown in the future”. MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ production crew told the plan for the progressive direction of the program afterward. ‘I can hire alone’ producer “2 people got to have the appearance on broadcasting the rest period finally” decided to respect the doctor of the man. The production crew explained for a while planning to having the vacant seat of 2 members as the vacant seat. The netizen is sending mostly, the message of ‘it is encouraged’ the warm cheer in the news of break up of 2 people. Even if it is difficult, can the now be again seen as the face in which the hour would better be over? ㅠㅠ Han Hye-Jin Jeon Hyeonmoo is all encouraged The rainbow members altogether the fighting(kiss****) these promise homes failed to acheive yet. It is the heart top and bottom. (funny****) If it could deal as the friend was treated if it was not separated not to good to be cool, it will be good. It will be the people who are intimate than the someone. The teamwork was so good and it looked good. (sys7****) ” man and woman meets, it can be separated. It is to the relation be just not. If it was by oneself bound by the past or Jeon Hyeonmoo Han Hye-Jin didn’t worry, it will be good. There is completely no one to blame. The better relation is met and it is happy. (dkdb****) meantime, jeon Hyeonmoo Han Hye-Jin alights ‘I can hire alone’ broadcast broadcasted at 11:10 p.m. with today, (8 days) from the program finally for a while.
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