Till the Hanseohui dispute from Lee Jung Hyeon marriage announcement


It was the trabecula giving of the news which the actor Lee Jung Hyeon and cold-heartedness agar is good. The marriage plan was announced and the begetting a daughter fact that the cold-heartedness is well known was informed and March second week and Lee Jung Hyeon got the congratulation of the netizen and support. However, there was the inconvenient news. The photograph which seems to disparage the appearance of the others was uploaded in the Instagram which the singer former trainee Hanser is white and the dispute was made. The public blame was gotten as the photo uploaded on shoe, moreover, the Instagram. This week is tumultuous. The entertainment without the day swept and mops the wind well, it examined. The Susigeokka Ji singer and actor Lee Jung Hyeon called ‘mother’ announced the marriage news after Lee Jung Hyeon and actor · singer surprisingly. The Lee Jung Hyeon agency banana incubation entertainment revealed in formal report data “all Maeneun Lee Jung Hyeon comes on April 7th sweetheart which and marriage vow” at last fourth. It was the university hospital plastic surgeon of 3 years old youngers and after associating between the White heat years, the reserve bridegroom of Lee Jung Hyeon got to get married according to the agency. The family and acquaintances invite and the wedding ceremony of 2 people says progress in Seoul somewhere considering the Jeom in which the soon to be husband is the people with the private. The cold-heartedness, It becomes the mother of one child. It became the congratulation dam water ‘ girl group jewellery singer of origin and actor cold-heartedness agar one the child the mother. The cold-heartedness, the begetting a daughter the agency jelly fish entertainment did ” cold-heartedness agar with formal report data at last eighth on 8th. Presently, it looked, it was taking a rest with the congratulation of the family who it was the healthy condition, “***” cold-heartedness is altogether well known with the child in the heart and it revealed. Meantime, ㅇ celebrated the professional golfer Sangwoo Jeon of the cold-heartedness is well known last May 2016 on 15th 2 years old swallowing which and wedding ceremony. ▼ shoe and ‘is one exercised self-discipline right?’ One month is not over after criticizing. The girl group S.E.S from shoe (the one’s real name Suyeong Yoo) uploaded the trip authentication photo in Instagram and at the center of dispute, stood among the steaming. Shoe published the families and 2 photoes which is travelled in Instagram at last fifth. The problem for was being exercised self-discipline after the gambling dispute which shoe is over. Shoe, as to about 800 million wons said the gambling in the second trial which is held by one charge “it deeply will regret and will reflect more in the future” largely on the 7th of last month. However, one month was not over as yet and it aroused criticism with the once again rash action. In conclusion, this day shoe converted the Instagram account to the non-disclosure when the criticism of the netizens became fierce. The appearance of the actor Ryujun heat which the public share idol former trainee Hanser is white was disparaged as the no more rash action to be embarrassing and ▼ Hanseohui and SNS got the public scolding. Its own photograph show the gum was posted at last sixth afternoon Instagram story which Hanser is white with the writing called “to follow the Ryujun heat before sleeping suddenly”. This photo was presumed as one done according to ‘the gum smile’ of the Ryujun row unique. The netizens criticized saying that the appearance abasement and mockery could come to the action of the Hanseohui. When the dispute becomes fierce, then its own fault which Hanser is white on 7th is admitted and if it was uncomfortable, it is sorry, saying that it is “there is no of the evil, the photo is just watched and it follows and compares”. It will become mature Seo hui and it apologized. However, if how much was not passed and it did according to this day ” Chaeun mistake which Hanser is white, could the Chaeun mistake appearance be said to be compared? The photo capturing the comment this reporter didn’t disparage the Ryujun heat was uploaded and the dispute was once again raised. With after all good ▼ Jeon Hyeonmoo · Han Hye-Jin and colleagueI hired alone, Jeon Hyeonmoo and Han Hye-Jin, that is the Eojjeo moth eulogy, parted. Jeon Hyeonmoo agency SM C&C and Han Hye-Jin agency esteem entertainment revealed that they decided to return to the good colleague after 2 people parted for formal report data in the afternoon on 6th. Moreover, MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ which these were appearing together was mentioned and he said “it gets to have an effect on the program and is truly sorry for the individual work to the viewers”. This day ‘buy alone’ production crew gave notice of the progress of program plan afterward. The doctor of ‘I can hire alone’ pity “2 people got to have the appearance on broadcasting the rest period finally” 2 people decided to be respected. The production crew revealed for a while planning to having the vacant seat of 2 members as the vacant seat.
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