‘TV puts the love’ Ahn Jaemao and childhood were how. Therefore. There was no part to be set foot. And.


The childhood when the actor Ahn Jaemao was difficult was opened. The Ahn Jaemao appeared on the KBS1 ‘TV puts the love’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 8th. As to this day Ahn Jaemao, “there are these who are on intimate terms like young sworn brother and sister” Sanghoon Lee or more visited brother and sister. It goes to find brother and sister before at the time was reminisced. “da”myeo Haet the coming up to the capital with Seoul and then, the factory is suddenly bankrupt the father runs a business in Busan” parents came up in advance. We were 4 brothers and I went up alone. The place where there was in Seoul and it stays was very small and narrow and it revealed. After that, it came up “the father’s company was completely ruined and the father junior in Seoul installed to ‘ I would help, come up to Seoul and it came up” in reality and the father junior failed in the business. At that time, because there was the person where there is the land under greenbelt regulation and it confessed in the vinyl house which is there in 5 years, all Sarat “. At that time, if ” now was thought, the Ahn Jaemao arriving at the vinyl house foundation seemed to be not like that shocking. What seemed to be done not know, it was rich only “***” sense of economy and didn’t know not all the flesh intention difference and that one but the ashamed mind was great and said and it caused to be unfortunate. At the time when the parents and contact is cut off was recalled. The Ahn Jaemao explained “it was and bankrupt and the business which the father installed seized till the property the creditors doing not have how much” “when the father and mother and about contact in 5~6 didn’t change into this after”. Meantime, sanghoon Lee or more this day Ahn Jaemao met brother and sister. This day embraced “the face remembers” gladly as soon as these were seen. Sanghoon Lee, moreover, the Ahn Jaemao was seen and “you (ahn Jaemao) is the same as the old days” the delight was expressed and it was heartwarming.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747560.htm, 2019/03/09 00:00:04]