Chinyeong Hong and this sister, as to the sexy cute can install.


The singer Chinyeong Hong caught simultaneously the fascination and 2 rabbits which is cute even when being sexy at the comeback showcase with the peculiar styling. It is the nap ‘the Ttok gong’ Dap till not only stage manner but also the fashion sense. It was the Seoul Mapo at last eighth and ‘Lots of Love’ (the Racheu Obeu rub) comeback showcase which is held in the Bek Bum Ro Sogang University Mary hall was held and Chinyeong Hong revealed the title song ‘in the tonight’ stage for the first time. The short pants of the shirt of the silk and dizzy length were worn and Chinyeong Hong stopped at the stage. It had the fashion which could be deluxe and maximize the one’s figure which was healthy and where there is the volume-feeling not to impose. It is the part in which his sense stands out. The clothes which can be a bit bored was covered with the splendid make-up. There was the past when ‘chinyeong Hong foundation’ held the real time searching Eo, as much as ‘water light’ skin was completed with the makeup this day making a boast of the perfect cover ability. The lively feel was added with Corral light eye makeup which is chosen as the Hat pink lipstick and trend color in 2,019. Chinyeong Hong shooting the bullet of the love with the twinkling eye You ~ preparing all can freeze that it is the fascination.
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