Is ‘the captain marble’ caused an accident? The first place of movie rank and ‘ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘ chases the later time closely.


Solder heartburnings hollywood movie ‘the captain marble’ occupied the first place of movie rank at last sixth. On the 27th of last month, the solder 한 Korean movie ‘ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘according to 10 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network the later time is closely followed’ captain marble ‘ occupied the first place of standard box office at last ninth. The accumulated audience amounts to 2.185188 million people. The captain marble ‘ is the first woman hero solo movie of the marble kinematic model universe. All Badat the interest from the unsealing with the new hero standing against him against the dozen noth The new hero birth which It becomes the hope of ‘Eobenjyeoseu’ the movie was painted. ‘ Eobenjyeoseu, that is coming 4 month prearrangements of release: The end game ‘it becomes the close linkage.’The cookie video information is the topic while the captain marble ‘ attracts attention. With have the total 2 cookies images this film is known. ‘ resistance which it intends the added scene so that the ending credit either before or after can be short, the cookies image takes possession of Wi with 2: Youkwansun story ‘ is the movie which the Seodaemun prison 8 room center soul which 3 pyongs don’t become after 3.1 hurrah movements deals the story of the year 1 of Youkwansun who was free than someone and 8 room women in 1919. The accumulated audience is 988,784 people. The Korean movie ‘the Saba Ha’ ‘the captain marble’ ‘ resistance: The third was ranked to Youkwansun story ‘. On the 20th of last month, the accumulated audience of solder 한 this film was tallied at 2.306782 million people. As to the quarternity and the fifth, the Korean movie ‘witness’ and ‘extreme Job’ occupied.
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