The triumph ‘the suspect in an internal investigation → suspect’ arrangement of prostitution suspicion book


The member victory of the group ‘big bang’ was narrowly booked without detention with the arrangement of prostitution by the police, the victory was booked on the suspect so that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team could conduct the interrogate according to 10 days police in relation with the arrangement of prostitution consultation recently. It was the Jongno in Seoul p.m. 9 on 27th of last month and it attended the Naejadong Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and 8 hours 30 spare about investigation were taken and the victory came home on 28th dawn at 5 a.m. half an hour, that is the next day, previously. All Banneun the investigation with ‘suspect’ identity in this again summon the wi took the investigation as ‘suspect in an internal investigation’ identity at that timeAs to police, the wi used the club in Gangnam as every kind lobby place. When the suspicion that it did the sexual entertainment to the investors became a subject of discussion, then the secret examination was Jinhaenghaeo. Figure 3~4 people which appears in the relevant conversation in connection with opening the Kakaotalk conversation that one medium, as to the sexual entertainment suspicion of the triumph is contained last month books and the police is conducting the investigation. In the concerned dialogue, the content that it instructs to ‘the Bullera the girl Maine seat is prepared in the club arena’ the employee in order to entertain with the foreign investor was known to be included. About 20 criminal investigator was sent to the club ‘Arena’ and seize and search were broadcasted for 3 hours so that the police could secure related data and this day at 11 a.m. data related to the arrangement of prostitution suspicion of the victory were known to be secured.
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