· Koh Ara and SBS TV show ‘red light’ to be left ‘best performance even while injured’ steam


The red light was turned on in the SBS TV show. The actor Namgil Kim and Koh Ara faces the drama ‘the hot blood priest’ and ‘hatch’ middle of shooting injury The situation where as to Koh Ara, as to Namgil Kim, the hospital treatment is already inevitable in the third minor phase ‘flotation watch’ was issued for the SBS TV show set. The scene run among SBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘hatch’ (the script Kim I the soul and direction Yungseok Lee) shooting progressing in Mungyeongsaejae was shot at last seventh and it fell and the Koh Ara faced the ankle wound. The Koh Ara is the situation where the cask gyps and hospital treatment is inevitable with the result and right anterior talofibular ligament rupture that it overhauls at the hospital. The agency artist company revealed “it will do best for (of the Koh Ara) health and safety afterward”, saying that he was “the schedule which it is ‘ hatch ‘ shooting related and it discusses with the drama after waiting and seeing the progress” this. The Koh Ara is appearing as the filter paper role, that is the Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) hairiness, among the pole. Because the hairiness says have the item line, the emotion performance, and etc. which is various from every kind of action scene are visited often and the Koh Ara is spreading the hot rolling to the word calling the woman detective for this part. As much as it is placed at the relationship which it is vermiculate with the Yeoning Gun gold dust (ilwoo Chung) and Moonsu Park (kwonyul) back, especially it is the word of the people concerned that possibility that it interferes with the work development is high if He drops out of the drama development. However, the drama “it is no problem” is the reaction. ‘hatch’ production crew told to be “the car owner shooting was already completed. Because next the state broadcast installment is enough photographed, there is no problem in the broadcasting” “one which adjusts the filming schedule so that the Koh Ara actor can restore healthily”. It told already three news about injuries. ‘the hot blood priest’ action scene of was taken a picture and Namgil Kim got hurt the rib (rib) at last second. He who suffers the wrist fracture injury and is treated at the hospital and wears a cast faces the wound about a week and once last month on 25th. Namgil Kim who was suffer and is being ‘best performance even while injured’ the finger injury before the first broadcastings every day showed the sense of responsibility as the star in person. Namgil Kim came back to TV after the TvN drama ‘it is quite true as I have heard that’ in 2017 after long interval. The situation where ‘the hot blood priest’ is supporting and as much as it is the drama showing by the first Geumto drama in SBS It have this very precious sense and pressure who is the star. He undertakes the role to be the fury deregulation Catholic priest Kimhae among the pole and it is struggling. It is Namgil Kim who comes and goes the various features including the action and comic, charisma, and etc. and is having the handyman show in ‘the hot blood priest’ properly. According to the agency Ssijeseu entertainment, namgil Kim returned again to the set about 4 days whether the rib injury was suffered. The ambulatory treatment was gone side by side and it revealed in his who is trying to prevent Gyeolbang will that shooting will be kept. Like this, the voice of the concern for the drama scene actual condition is coming out and once while the news about injury is heard in succession.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747648.htm, 2019/03/11 14:34:44]