‘D-3’ smallpox nothing is visited,… track list is opened until move the way.


The track list of the new the mini album in which the girl group smallpox nothing (the solar, Hwi phosphorus, by door, and luxurious) includes the title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ was opened. The smallpox nothing published 9 number Jjae mini album ‘the white wind’ (White Wind) ‘ the track list image through the midnight formal SNS on 11th and started into the integer comeback countdown. The revealed photo heart smallpox nothing left the strong impression as the costume matching the pink and red color. With standing in a row the members stare at the camera with the strong eyes and is showing off the confident fascination. ‘Where RU’ expressing the excited feeling waiting for the fating sweetheart in the album this time including the title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ (gogobebe) according to the track list which this day is revealed, love song resembling the spring ‘that child he’, ’25’ in which the Hwi human takes part in the writing the lyrics, ‘Bad bye’ singing the painful farewell, and confession eulogy ‘My which feels sweet even when being soft The total of 7 tunes were included to the Star ‘,’ cannonade season cannonade color project ‘with the out decorating the finale’ 4season’. The title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ is the tune of which is exciting and the cheerful energy is fullness contained the smallpox radish peculiarity with the song having the strong toxicity which the colorful melody hovers around the ear. Oh bad luck week did ‘the girl hemp cloth’ appearing in ‘astro-Ganga’ of the singer Geonmao Kim with the motive. And Geonmao Kim who is the original music person accepted this without hesitation and the cheerful meeting was accomplished. The Gogobe hemp cloth ‘the special reason expresses the debut one person 6 months 19 day (‘619′) of the smallpox nothing and this upside down wittily’ 9/6′ included into the lyrics and the first meetings with the pans were due to be recalled. Previously, the smallpox nothing opened the numeric character that it is ‘9966’ through the comeback teaser image. It expresses this alphabet abbreviation ‘ggbb’ of the title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ digitally. It gives with the surprise as the witted idea which it utilizes the number 6 and 9 of which the smallpox nothing and relation is deep. The new mini album ‘the white wind’ is the fourth album interest of ‘the cannonade season cannonade color project’ and album decorating project grand end in 1. ‘wind’ (Wind) intending the member Hwi humanity and justice symbolic color ‘white’ the Hwi phosphorus in the concept was added. All Damat the talk about another meeting including the first meetings with the smallpox nothing and mumu which it starts in the white drawing paper (the fandom order) and farewellMeantime, announce the ninth mini album ‘the white wind’ p.m. 6 on 14th and start the smallpox nothing for the working seriously.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747639.htm, 2019/03/11 10:03:26]