‘gladly, it pretends to’… quoins X management and we, a little, “‘ all those weird things ‘ is finished” (image)


2 man quoins and lie management which is dissimilar as if it were alike and is alike as if it were different boasted the best marital harmony as predicted by a fortuneteller and it got together, the first mini album ‘9801’ commemoration of sale showcase of the Seoul Kwangjin-ku YES24 livehall quoins X management opened with 11 with the day at 4 p.m. ‘9801’ is the album order which unites ‘1998’ and ‘2001’, that is the quoins X management member quoins and flue in which the lie management is born, and makes. This day showcase progressed with the society of the forward order Ju announcer with the opening VCR, photo time, title song ‘all those weird things’ stage first opening to the public, talk time, Q&a, and title song ‘all those weird things’ music video showing order. Even if the friendship which it had been building even before the quoins X management project proceeded of was made a boast and the eye was seen, the quoins and management made a boast of ‘chemie’ gone through. Firstly, the planning meter of the quoins X management project was explained. The quoins revealed “it told much from the ago in the around because I and lie management was alike” “then, it thought that it will be interesting if our 2 will build the unit together. This story was told to the company and the team formation was accomplished. Deeply grateful”. ‘the quoins small porcelain dish’ that lie management is well known from the debut The word of “the quoins is resembled and it wants” “the quoins would like to be emulated” “respect the quoins” back is done in the usual time and He is considered all Ttarat. “with not being much the quoins, as to the familiar brother knows the brother except me. It takes care well such as it stays with ‘ what if nevertheless it contacted me everyday and ‘ meal was eaten and asking., etc” with the reason why this day lie management follows the quoins well in this way “in that point, when it thought that quoins brother had the obligation and it was moved and thinks gratefully” It told. The quoins praised him “the lie management is always bright and have the unchanging appearance” “the lie management is holding the parts which I am unable to complete. Therefore it rolls to learn with the album this time task from the lie management”. The meeting of the quoins X management expressed the quoins “it was the same as the god’s apprentice”. Firstly, the lie management on was looked back “it has visited the company in order to do the album work some days ago” “our 2 didn’t install any contact then. The dress which wore that day and which it comes was the same”. The quoins was really marvelous about this. It was same, “***” was regarded as ‘it is the oracle that this finishes that we 2 would like to install’ then and the shirt which wore that day and which it comes and brand of the sneakers told. The new musical composition ‘all those weird things’ stage of this day quoins X management was revealed for the first time. As to the title song ‘all those weird things’, the meaning called ‘star’ and ‘be born and try all those weird things’ is the hip-hop rhythm and blues track include 2 kinds of meanings. The autobiographical story of 2 people that there was even when undergoing the things which the men who there are many in the early age will be unable to experience easily and being beyond capability but I to conclusion gets as in star to shine is proud was jollily served. The word that it is ‘sort’ is wittily utilized like ‘all those weird things is finished’ ‘much shape’ ‘delicacy’ and especially the fascination of 2 people emits light more and more. The teamwork of 2 shined even when explaining all those weird things ‘. The lie management “as to ‘ all those weird things ‘ middle ‘ we, when we like the part called we most” “I was trying to decide on just now this end” the quoins waited it explainedIt was astonished. The reason which the quoins points out ‘we we we’ as the appreciation point “‘ we unites the part ‘ lean ‘ of ‘ mistake ‘ of my name quoins and lie management name and intends the making word ‘ we” “originally it is the part which we 2 likes as much as the quoins X management was not and the team name was trying to be done with ‘ we” the SeolmyeonghaetAll. As to ‘9801’, including ‘all those weird things’ worked in the wind as to “the musical color which we 20,000 can express wanted to be shown”, the quoins X management was revealed to the domestic every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 11th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747717.htm, 2019/03/11 18:29:07]