The big hit “one to be opened the bulletproof Boy Scouts, new album preparation, and comeback constant” (official position)


The album in which the group bulletproof Boy Scouts (RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation) is fresh is prepared. Was the album which the bulletproof Boy Scouts which is reborn as the global idol prepares refreshingly the number to get the sympathy of the people all over the world? Eye and ear of the world of singers are leaning to one place if this outcome can act on the bulletproof Boy Scouts as the footstool the one-stage taking a leap. The big hit entertainment revealed that bulletproof Boy Scouts started into the new album priming in the morning on 11th. The people concerned explained “the new album release date and comeback time are planning to open the afterward”. As to previously, this day Sports Donga, the bulletproof Boy Scouts reported the whole world to 4 month in the middle oves to come back as the stage. Five months of beginning was planning to come back but after mediating the schedule, the bulletproof Boy Scouts determined the comeback constant by the mid according to the news. For this, it was planning to enter and the recording song music video of is planning to be taken a picture in this week including the title song. It is the bulletproof Boy Scouts getting the world love by the love young fish self ‘ series. ‘by oneself is loved’ ‘the voice of by oneself is made’ delivers any kind of message with the album in which the bulletproof Boy Scouts which gives of the message and makes the new record which is various to the Grammy clothes as well as the Billboard chart is fresh and, whether eye and ear lean if ‘by oneself is loved’ ‘the voice of by oneself is made’ has been forming any kind of record. Meantime, the bulletproof Boy Scouts held the event which opened ‘RUN ARMY in ACTION’ in the Seoul Plaza at last 10th at 3 p.m. and it recalled the last activity trail, which it enjoys with the official fan club AMI (ARMY) 10,000 people. RUN ARMY In ACTION’ is the off-line event of the starting bulletproof Boy Scouts AMI photo diode (ARMYPEDIA) last month from 22nd. The professional that ‘AMI photo diode’ (ARMYPEDIA) has been making the record between who is AMI photo diode child starting date until February 21st in 2019 total 2,080 days with AMI with the compound word of ‘Wikipedia’ (Wikipedia) editing the information the registered O by oneself with the bulletproof Boy Scouts official fan club ‘AMI’ (ARMY) and internet user from June 13th in 2013 with the debut one person of the bulletproof Boy ScoutsTurn the jack. The bulletproof Boy Scouts holds ‘ARMY UNITED in SEOUL’ in Seoul culture base for emergency goods as the second opinion off-line event of AMI photo diode on the coming 23rd.
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