‘the captain marble’ and well made woman genre of hero?


There was a lot of talk and there was a lot of the trouble from the unsealing. While the star Brie Larson introduces the movie ‘the captain marble’ the movie on the basis of as ‘feminist movie’, it is many these reductions by halves four sides Seo. However, this dispute and fun or no is left and ‘the captain marble’ is the work which is the same as the essential course where surely it has to be caught in ‘the Eobenjyeoseu 4’. Therefore, the interest is hotter than this any other time. The captain marble ‘ puts the story of the carol Dan bus (the Brie Larson) which becomes more and more till the powerful power gotten as the member great of the warrior Cree of the flying ability originated from the pilot from and space and nap human and there is. ‘the captain marble’, that is the critical step of the marble ‘the big picture’, put the general hero movie and differencing. If the way that the common people learns the power is general, ‘the captain marble’ is the story which finds the origin of the power which I hold and trims the ability. However, if it said as the large-scale differencing, the women hero be that be put up for the front. It emphasizes to be weak in the movie with the lines of “ㅇ joins not the sleeping flight deck” “emotional” “they are confused by the feeling and the determination shouldn’t be lost” “the example which is good for the daughter becomes as the mother” back of the female. Show the problem to the women who show repetitively the appearance in which the Dan bus fell and which occurs and have trouble with the differentiation. However, this lines and scene are the bit deliberate and the smooth feel is unable to be inspired as to the movie development. Instead, the MCU(marble kinematic model universe: The virtual world view) of the marble comics dressed the carol Dan bus in the combat soot reminding the captain America instead of the sexy combat soot. It broke away from the model of the woman genre of hero seen so far. It is the difference in which the Jeom that it made stand to be strong is most greater than the Yeoseongseureo luck. Especially the carol Dan bus blocks the ballistic missile with bare hands. It shows one called the subjective existence as the human jumping over the physical weakness that the scene which it shows the appearance which it boasts the power of the matchless warrior against the majority is the women. However, the peculiar fun which is to be nimble is far from the action scene. It is a bit feeling in the dumps and the story development speed inspires as a whole bored feel. Instead, the back light can be listened. American appearance, and etc. is come and is gone in 90’s and the vast desert and sky and huge space present the splendid mumps. However, the emphasizing marble studio is not so much previously the appearance revealed in the public relation in 90’s and it is a pity. It is the Samuel L. Jackson and ‘the ephemeris time, also’. If there was no He, He seemed to be difficult to find the smile point from ‘the captain marble’. The center of the movie is caught up to so that there can be the perseverance and He who makes a boast of the cat goose and unlike other people ‘chemie’ and presents the smile goes. Especially the young days of the fury presents the delight to the audience. It is revealed to the hair and for the first time long figure float the binocular and story which gets to lose one side eye. As much as the looks wear the black eyepatch by ‘Eobenjyeoseu’ in the person without office is shown so far, it is fresh, his looks seems to have the itself in ‘the captain marble’. The inversion is in the movie. Because the looks of the characters appearing in the marble hero series are contained, the fun is inspired. ‘ Eobenjyeoseu: Show the interest of many audiences as the final step phosphorus that it heads for the end game ‘ as gotten one. The cookie image is 2. The captain marble ‘ opened in Korea with the whole first in the world at last sixth.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747603.htm, 2019/03/11 05:00:03]