The first tv drama ‘ little drumer one of the Chanuk Park: The director’s cut ‘, on 29th, one first opening to the public


The first tv drama directed by ‘ little drumer one of Chanuk Park supervision: The director’s cut ‘it is revealed in the VOD streaming service Wat char play on the coming 29th with the whole first in the world.’The little drumer one: The director’s cut ‘ is the secret thriller drawing the story which the breath of the actor Charlie which is implicated in the secret operation of Israel intelligence agency in 1979 and It becomes the spy (florence Ppyu) and the undercover agents surrounding him is blocked. One ‘ little drumer one with the original the novel of the great master John Reu curry of the spy novel: The director’s cut ‘ is the first tv drama directed by of Chanuk Park director captivating the audience with the original storytelling and exquisite Mise en scene. ‘ little drumer one of which 6 volume whole books are simultaneously revealed in the Wat char play on the coming 29th: The director’s cut ‘ is including the several scenes excluded compared with the broadcast board broadcasted in the British Broadcasting Corporation and American AMC according to the broadcast deliberation standard and length in seconds limit last year. It is the version which It becomes the differencing expressing the direction intention of Chanuk Park director till the music and color and one camera angle bodily. Chanuk Park supervision the little drumer one: The director’s cut ‘ told completely with the broadcasting board to be the other version.
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