The implication… content the triumph Kakaotalk and famous men is what. Therefore.


While the wi (29· one’s real name two wins string) of the big bang hit against the sexual entertainment suspicion is booked without detention, the topic is coming to the mobile messenger (kakaotalk) conversation that He is assumed to share between the netizen. The several entertainers was due to be included besides the victory in the conversation, it was planning to call and is planning to report to the man who the Badat everyone “***” analyze the detail of investigation and seized article, and etc. so far and who is the investigation related with the witness position recently and the partial people concerned revealed 11 days Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team including ” (with the sexual entertainment suspicion) entertainer. The police was confirmed as one examining the back concentratedly whether the arrangement of prostitution accomplished actually in the messenger. While being the entertainment having the talk in the messenger together, the star of the presently actively active mantissa native was known to be included. Previously over on 10th Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency metropolitan investigation team booked the victory on the social position of the accused in order to conduct the interrogate in relation with the arrangement of prostitution consultation. Meantime, there is the victory before the enlistment to active service on the coming 25th.
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