“the marriage?it is funny”…’The drizzle bird ‘ Bakhui order and Yaechin Park and decision to marry meter


The reason why the actor Bakhui order gets married with the wife Yaechin Park was mentioned. In SBS variety program ‘the not luck our cub’ broadcasted at last 10th afternoon, the Bakhui order entering the tea in 5 with Yaechin Park and marriage appeared as the guest and it revealed “yaechin Park and humor code was right and it got married”. This day MC Seo Jang-hun paid to the Bakhui order “in the old days interview, ‘ Yaechin Park Ssi was funny and it got married and ‘ does”. The marriage partner wish on this from the Bakhui pure silver “the humor code is well right rather than it was funny and got married” ” old days, as to the humor code was the right man. There was the point laughing together, it answered with Yaechin Park. The Tony Ahn mom seeing this helped “when it divorces quickly and It doesn’t become the men whose that (humor code) is not right”. Seo Jang-hun was embarrassed by this “if the others will tell, they will don’t know and the mother tells, it is like that” “the mother doesn’t have the pain like me”. Meantime, after love passionately for 5 years, the over year 2,014 11 years old car couple Bakhui order and Yaechin Park got married. After it was not to get the wedding ceremony and bringing the marriage registration in 2015, the legal couple came to the couple at that time. The small wedding was raised in 2016.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747633.htm, 2019/03/11 10:13:30]