The SBS 8 news “junyeong Chung, illegal imaging · circulation, and about 10 victim”


The fact that the singer Junyeong Chung took a picture of the sexual intercourse movie with the illegal and it circulates was known. The victim was revealed to reach about 10 person. SBS ‘8 newses’ reported that Junyeong Chung belonging in the Kakaotalk chat room of which the victory of the group big bang is included induced the illegal photographic image on 11th. SBS revealed the real name of “it checked that conversation was not operated. After worrying in order to prevent the damage any more, the real name decided to be revealed” Junyeong Chung. It told that Junyeong Chung had the sexual intercourse to the friend chance certain seed according to the reporting in the file which SBS restores the conversation with the women at the end of 2015. After that, the steam people Ssi asked “there is no image”. Junyeong Chung uploaded 3 second image putting the women and sexual intercourse in secret. It told because the illegality shot the sexual intercourse to another companion of conversation. SBS “the body part of the female employee was chopped with the photo and video in the roomsalon and Junyeong Chung was shared with the fellow celebrity at the similar time” told. In the meantime, it did “junyeong Chung posted the photo of the woman, whom it goes to sleep and etc. on the association chatting room where the famous singer is included frequently and it was proud of”. Data which SBS procures are 10 degrees of drunkenness only that the illegality shooting victim is confirmed about 10 months amount from the end of 2015. Especially, in this association chatting room, it was known that illegal image which the other celebrity or the general acquaintance who the celebrity is not takes a picture came up. Presently, the agency make earth entertainment is the refuse to answer with the condition where it is staying in the photographic car U.S.A.
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