‘the scary man of god’ TXT and most album sales volume among 2,019 debut group


It is the scary man of god. The chapter of the debut album ‘ dream of the tomorrow bi together which it exceeded the first share disc sales volume, 77,000 Jang, the group tomorrow bi together (FRB, law, Tae string, and Hyuningka which it is TXT member number vacant) called ‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts brother group’ sells with the debut album according to 11 days disc sales volume totalization site Hantteo chart at last fourth: STAR’ recorded the total 77,996 Jang of sales volumes for the album release start a week (march 4 days ~10 day). While being the shoes making debut this year, this is the highest figure. The album release immediately after U.S.A Brazil Spain Russian was recorded in the first place of ‘the top album’ chart of 44 countries worldwide and local Aittyunjeu including the Hong kong Taiwan, and etc. and previously, the tomorrow bi together made the debut album (the) best record. The title song ‘the horn grew in the hair one day’ (CROWN) broke and the shortest time record occupied YouTube hit 10 million view and 24 time reference 14.49 million view among the man of god making debut this year together in 13 hours with the music video opening to the public. In the big hit entertainment, the (the) best record was altogether shown in every kind figure including the debut album disc sales volume, YouTube hit, follower of SNS channel, and etc. and the tomorrow bi together which becomes a hot issue with the new group making the debut proved as the extra-large man of god in 6 years to be the general trend group. In the Mnet feature ‘the debut cellar bration show’, the tomorrow bi together spreading the first stages is showing the charisma the man of god Dap in the various music broadcastings. These are planning to open the debut first reality ‘Talk X Today’ episode in this afternoon 8 o’clock V LIVE official channel.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747631.htm, 2019/03/11 10:03:52]