The smallpox nothing · Park spring · haze and prologue of ‘the sound source war’


Literally, it is the prologue. Whenever the sound source was sold with the charming voice, the singer who is Geodwot declared the comeback in succession and the good grade was started. The glad face Park spring and featuring casting 1 the rank haze of the musicians is this hero beginning with the person of real ability girl group smallpox nothing enjoy the luxurious special ‘ severely. This first rising to the comeback performance is Park spring playing role of the main vocal in the group two Annie circle. After Holloseogiha Park spring when the new solo single ‘Spring’ is put on sale on the coming 13th and which it returns to the world of singers, the outcome prepared for the first time so far is planning to be opened to the fans. He loved for the voice which is difficult at the time which was active as the group to look in the domestic brings out the solo album and the unlike other people sound source power is shown through ‘the money cry’ ‘yoo Aen child’. The curiosity leans to the powerful tone color like the old days and stage leadership it nests in the new place and starts the real solo activity if ‘heyday’ can be and enjoyed once. These the next day coming back after Park spring directly are the girl group smallpox nothing. The smallpox nothing announces the ninth mini album ‘the white wind’ on the coming 14th at 6 p.m. and comes out on the appearing in TV. This title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ of smallpox radish is the tune of which is exciting and the cheerful energy is fullness contained the smallpox radish peculiarity with the song having the strong toxicity which the colorful melody hovers around the ear. Be known because Oh bad luck week did ‘the girl hemp cloth’ appearing in ‘astro-Ganga’ of the singer Geonmao Kim with the motive and raise the curiosity. The smallpox nothing debutting as the digital single album ‘it is not happy’ in 2014 It had been being loved for the hit song which ‘decalcomania’ ‘you install’ ‘the night when the star shines’ ‘if it is likely to speak in me’ etc. is previously various. In addition, the hot topic is gathered till the solo album ‘fool’ of the luxurious recently. The expectancy of the fans is rising by the performance and strong singing ability and girl group combined till the personality of the member each in addition if the smallpox nothing that is being loved has the number in which it will gain the grade which is good in the album this time. Haze, the music chart showing the unlike other people influence moreover, March comeback was declared. The first regular album ‘the cis-fine’ is put on sale in haze on the coming 19th at 6 p.m. Haze informing the face through the ‘the Eon pretty Labstar’ was loved for the Ganyeorin quality and delicate sensibility and the active activity was kept with the featuring singer of the majority musician. The unlike other people sound source power was shown as the tune which after ‘it doesn’t know so. It hangs out’ ‘so, it rains’ back produces directly and it was developed into the beloved musician the appearing in TV to says be like this. In the music chart, the smallpox displays the stress than someone nothing, Park spring, and haze that threw hat at the similar time. ‘queen’ laughed in the last is the thing which it watches over if the star putting name in someone diary and chart top is the someone. Anyhow, the war started already.
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