“this family it is fresh”.’The sensibility full method of childrearing of shoe rock ‘ Jangbeomjun


The singer Jangbeomjun appears on the KBS2 childcare variety program ‘the superman came back’ and it is the topic. He opened to the naive childcare appearance from the wife Seonga Song and love story, the family giving Chang tiger appeared in ‘the Happy Sunday-superman came back’ (under ‘ superman came back) which the day is broadcasted with 10 for the first time. Jangbeomjun doesn’t have I without reservation before taking care of the children on a full scale. While there was no I if how the good aspects of childcare was displayed, “***” comment was seen, it had mutual understanding, it told. All Bahyeot the sequel to the story till the marriage from the love in the eulogy multiplication giving Chang tiger the couple the production crew and interview Jangbeomjun recalled “because there said be revenue and expenditure which is beautiful than the Miss A revenue and expenditure and it was the really and revenue and expenditure did” the first meetings. Seonga Song was said “it could be said to be the man whom the guitar teacher would better keep just in mind”. When meeting “2 (Jangbeomjun), Seonga Song installed to meet. So, ‘what is the man?’ It did, it told. As to Jangbeomjun, ” I got kicked. At that time, it was urgent and admitted. Seonga Song tried to listen to ” (of Jangbeomjun it refuses) song. It wants whether it is any kind of person. The song to was tried to listen and because it seems that it was the good man and vivid man, it seemed to pass just, “***” seemed to be a great fan of me and the Tteol Eo built the passionate love story. 2 people got married at April 2014th and held in the year 7 month daughter Areul Cho same bosom. At that time, 2 people got to have the early marriage by the premarital pregnancy with 26 year old and age of 22. Seonga Song was overdoed that feeling was one’s fault and then because ” I wanted to like to eat the orange repeatedly. It wanted and went and because it seems that it was better to present the looks which it was right, “***” is rich, it had to live life to the full just and told in any chances. In this day broadcasting, the reality childcare of the Jangbeomjun was revealed. His who the daughter Hawa Cho son installed and who gets to spend brother and sister and time during special teaching method was noticeable to the eyes. – or the team which will not have a meal was done and the looks eaten deliciously Yum-yum was shown to brother and sister and Jangbeomjun was made so that the children can, would like to have a meal by oneself, or when explaining the situation to the daughter team which it hated to be separated from Seonga Song and is sad, it showed with the peculiar which it gives Chang tiger Witt to be kind. All Moat brother and sister appearance the interest it does it is good All Moat the loveable appearance of the owner last son Bottom everyone of the first daughter Cho child looking very much till not only appearance of the father but also sensitivity only and soul the interest free The appearance in which the sensitivity exploded in this day broadcast which the team that it cried bawling if it listened the sad song from 2 year old knows and it sheds the tear was displayed and it was the viewers startled all of a sudden.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747634.htm, 2019/03/11 10:14:08]