Yoonchin, HB and exclusive contract… Raewon Kim and divinity rock and same mess


The actor Yoonchin nested the new nest in HB entertainment. Like this, Yoonchin revealed the new agency HB entertainment in formal report data on 11th and Yoonchin this year active activity was notified in advance. HB entertainment is known as the production of the drama ‘SKY Castle’ ‘you breaking out at the star’ etc. The Im echo role was undertaken in the SBS TV show ‘the grace of the shrine’ which 2012 which is Yoonchin is broadcasted and it made debut. After drama KBS2 ‘ stridor: The Joseon board fugitive story ‘SBS’ was good. The memory ‘movie’ we of the detection ‘MBC’ happiness from family ‘JTBC’ midsummer of the love was the brother, ‘ equator ‘ back Braun tube and screen was visited often and the love ‘KBS2’ had been providing the performance activity. ” Yoonchin gets to finish the relation with the actor and the agency is happy. Yoonchin was the actor having the colorful fascination along with the bright energy as well as the strong acting ability, positively yoonchin was planning to support for the activity which the acting besides of the actor is various, it requested many interest and expectancies to the front of “***” and told. Meantime, the actor Raewon Kim, divinity rock, Ilwoo Chung, Ahn Jaehyeon, this second watch of night, and etc. belongs to HB entertainment.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747657.htm, 2019/03/11 12:05:50]