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0 which shoots with ‘SKY Castle’ and in which it uploads The casting and following actor Byeonggyu Cho give of the release of a movie news rose suddenly as the blue chip in 2019. It is him who the work talks a lot previously and there is a lot of the trouble but the expectation is high the fact The activity of Byeonggyu Cho is the start from the now. Byeonggyu Cho is appearing on the TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the psychometry this guy’ (the script China Yang and direction Kim Byeongsu) and is having the movie ‘idol’ (the supervision Lee Su-jin) premiere ahead. The Mat child fell well as for season and He got to meet the public in the screen with TV. Byeonggyu Cho dragged attention from viewers in ‘the psychometry this guy’ first broadcasting with the strong smoke. It was the short quantity but He undertaking the child’s part Sungmao Kang station of the steam volume drew the scene taken possession in the drama importantly so that there can be the sense of presence. As to sungmao Kang station, within essential oil was planning to be previously in charge. However, byeonggyu Cho got to replace in-situ while He got to alight from the drama with the charge against sexual harassment. Besides, it told and the blue chip was expected in 2019. Donate Byeonggyu Cho as the son station of the provincial member clemency time (the Han Suk-kyu) in which the respect and prestige is close at the opening movie ‘idol’ on the coming 20th. In spite of committing the crime among the pole, it is calm, it shows up and the anger is induced. He exhibits the sense of presence where there is the perseverance in the scene met with the actors that are worthy of representative including Han Suk-kyu, Kyongkoo Seol, and etc. However, some people are sending the eye line which the worry about Byeonggyu Cho is young. The growth potential peeps out as the actor but it is enveloped in many disputes recently It is the horse of the people concerned that rash words and deeds of Byeonggyu Cho and attitude can find his ankle. As to Byeonggyu Cho, JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ appearance on the stage was previously enveloped in the School violence rumor at that time. He explained to the fan cafe “about 9 months attended the school in Korea and I went to New Zealand for the studying abroad” “when there was no interchange with the middle school classmates which originally went since coming back to Korea and concentrating on the acting at all” at that time. There the actor Sea Yoon appearing as the mother on the KBS2 variety program ‘the Happy Together 4’ among the pole and speech in which after him would like to keep time with the mail was adverse criticism. Byeonggyu Cho published the apology statement that it is sorry to its own Instagram “there was no experience and the precede saw the drive, it was unable to be careful as to words and deeds about the senior”. Besides, when the Kim Bora and love affair which gets to finish the relation with ‘SKY Castle’ will become a subject of discussion, then ” will talk in its own Instagram live broadcasting that it everyone wonders most. The love, not, one everyone Would you know? It is the real. The love was not emphasized one everyone “. The Kim Bora and passionate love fact the capture (related news it denied after ‘the Happy Together 4’ once again: [Single] ‘Ani’… Kim Bora ♥ Byeonggyu Cho and ‘SKY Castle sweetheart’ confirmation (synthesis)) All Moat the interest it becomes Byeonggyu Cho attracting in the like this short time with many issues He notifying real activity in advance seems to be the attitude prudent of as him and the time of which words and deeds will be most important now.
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