“do not worry”… Lee Hong-ki and indirect denial in the triumph · Junyeong Chung Kakaotalk room participation suspicion?


While hit against the suspicion that it participated in the organization message chatting room (kakaotalk) in which the singer this red flag Ga big bang wi and Junyeong Chung are included, the indirect this was denied. At last eleventh, the SBS 8 news reported to spread the image illegally shooting the scene which the singer Junyeong Chung has the women and sexual intercourse in the message chatting room where the big bang wi is included. According to this day broadcasting, moreover the singer Mr.Lee Ssi took part in this chatting room. The netizens began to suggest the suspicion if He was not with the singer this red flag Ga. Lee Hong-ki uploaded the writing that it is “the unboiled ramen and beer, all, the Gut night (the good night)” on Instagram on this with the photo leaf watched the movie in the morning on 12th. The subtitles of the line called “it will be me Ttareu. But” is put and there is one scene of the photo heart movie. Moreover, the speculative writing which it insists to appear in the association Kakaotalk chatting room where the fans who are close to this red flag Ga 1,000 people take part in the internet community and explain about this suspicion, came up. The fans were relieved, saying that the person ‘it is Seutta Hong’ presumed as this red flag according to the chatting room capture photo which the netizens present as the evidence was “it woke up it had an uproar” “do not worry”. Meantime, the subtitles that ‘the singer dragon OO’ was included among the man participating in the organization message chatting room was exposed to the SBS 8 news scene broadcasted the day before. When hiting against the suspicion which moreover is same with Yong Jun-Hyung after reporting, then it wrote on Instagram directly and denied “the detail that it excludes front and back situation and is mended and is reported is not fact at all”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747744.htm, 2019/03/12 10:02:50]