‘hanbyeol Park summon’ which the time is not in ‘the triumph Kakaotalk case’…, why.


While the extreme measures that the big bang member victory (29· one’s real name two wins string) seized by the arrangement of prostitution suspicion retires from the entertainment world is put, the actor Hanbyeol Park puts the actor Hanbyeol Park name in on-line Portal site real-time search word ranking and the eyes is, the Kakaotalk (messenger) chatting room content of the testimony of the police officer and victory are secured and 11 days SBS FunE holds the victory and male. It reported that women hidden camera (hidden camera) image was uploaded in the chat room of which the acquaintance a Kim was 2 who is the example people, Yuriholdingseu Yoo representative, and formality business of the triumph Dop Ssi, one entertainment producing company employee, and people 2 bright light which are included. The Instagram “the entertainment world from would better be retired from the point of time” “the issue arousing criticism was very big and socially the entertainment world retirement was determined” wrote the triumph when this day controversy became a subject of discussion. In addition, the reason why the sensation comes to Hanbyeol Park is due to be known as the Yuriholdingseu representative as his husband. For the husband of Hanbyeol Park, the fact called the victory and business partner was previously clarified last month on 22nd. However, it admitted “it is right that husband of Hanbyeol Park is the triumph Ssi and business partner” but Hanbyeol Park agency reveals “because when the husband is the people, there is no number to be known until the detailed inside facts” at that time. Meantime, hanbyeol Park is appearing on MBC drama ‘love when being sad’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747720.htm, 2019/03/12 00:00:03]