Junyeong Chung and ‘1 night 2 day’ ‘the Jjan in tour’ gets off in succession. The TvN “the official position, tomorrow, one”


Take the sexual intercourse image. Alight from the program in which the singer Junyeong Chung illegally spreading this is appearing. The KBS2 variety program ‘two days’ decided to stop ‘1 night 2 days ‘ appearance on the stage of Junyeong Chung considering the severity of the issue, ” production crew revealed on 12th. After that, it told to be “the plan that broadcast installment of 2 ash contents finishing the shooting already broadcasts Junyeong Chung appearance on the stage scene the edit to the utmost”. This day sports world reported that Junyeong Chung alit from the TvN variety program ‘the Jjan in tour’. ‘the Jjan in tour’ was revealed as “the unknown variable the edit gets to be smooth the role that only it is taking charge in the program is important” according to the news, saying that it was “the plan to be edited to the utmost about the quantity which it shoots already” this. TvN told in this regard to be “sooner or later, the official position, tomorrow, the schedule”. The SBS 8 news ‘ reported that Junyeong Chung belonging in the Kakaotalk chat room of which the triumph of the group big bang is included induced the illegal photographic image at last eleventh. SBS revealed the real name of “it checked that conversation was not operated. After worrying in order to prevent the damage any more, the real name decided to be revealed” Junyeong Chung. Data which SBS procures are 10 degrees of drunkenness only that the illegality shooting victim is confirmed about 10 months amount from the end of 2015. Especially, in this association chatting room, it was known that illegal image which the other celebrity or the general acquaintance who the celebrity is not takes a picture came up. The hidden camera scandal of Junyeong Chung was mentioned 3 years ago and the dispatch reported the Kakaotalk and conversation in relation with this at that time. Junyeong Chung made the tens Kakaotalk rooms according to the news. And the image was taken in secret and it shared. 1 in 1:1 individual room: The hidden camera was posted on the majority association room. It avoids and the would-be entertainer is among the women. This day report material was presented and the agency make earth entertainment of Junyeong Chung revealed “when Junyeong Chung and contact digest the overseas schedule is made but the difficulty is the headquarters of a party in the clear fact relation grip”. After that, it told “all constants decided to be discontinued and Junyeong Chung decides to return to home country immediately” “it reveals to be the position which engages faithfully in the investigation of police as it returns to home country”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747766.htm, 2019/03/12 12:07:04]