SBS ‘8 newses’ and Junyeong Chung association conversation addition report…”It rapes. Then.


The conversation new of the Kakaotalk organization room where the singer Junyeong Chung and acquaintances get together was reported in SBS ‘8 newses’ which the conversation of the Kakaotalk (the dialogue messenger) in which the singer Junyeong Chung and acquaintances take part was additionally revealed, is broadcasted with 12 with the day afternoon. Even when knew that being the crime, Junyeong Chung and acquaintances did the criminal act habitually according to this such as the sleeping peel with was dosed up the women and the image of was taken a picture in secret and it circulated with the acquaintances or this on was looked, etc. The detail that the chance certain cause shares the image whom I have a picture of figure had the women and sexual intercourse among the talk detail that this day ‘the news 8’ reveals was contained. The singer most Mao requested to this as “it is what, and is the fainting” “the alive woman (image) is sent”. The Junyeong Chung “it raped” was said. Moreover, when describing the experience had the sexual relations after dosing up the women with the sleeping peel, then Junyeong Chung did the women the disparaged word with the grade such as answering as “the mouth is OO”, etc. Besides, the most Mao does ” it in the reality when suggesting “on-line is altogether met and the strip bar to is gone and it rapes in the round. Then”. Our this movie About 5 minute Ssik tries. The context in which there was a lot of the feeling of binding and which it tells was caught not to murder. The punishment of the acquaintances and 12 days Seoul Police Agency’s Metropolitan Investigation Team the sexual assault, including, pipe including the image which meantime it reports 11th which SBS ‘8 newses’ is over, illegally Junyeong Chung takes a picture of the women and sexual intercourse image over the year 2,015 and year 2,016 in the Kakaotalk organization chatting room with the acquaintances and image, it puts the portion of a human body of the female worker in the club in secret and etc. it sharedJunyeong Chung was booked on one exemption law suspicion of violation. Junyeong Chung this day returning to home country is summoned as the social position of the accused and the police is planning to examine the illegal sexual intercourse shooting yes or no.
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