The comeback… is ‘SOUL’ in just 8 months this time with ‘0412’ bulletproof Boy Scouts.


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts (RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation), on the 12th of next month, the new album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: Bring out PERSONA’ and come back. ” bulletproof Boy Scouts in the big hit entertainment the today (12 days) bulletproof Boy Scouts formal fan cafe, on April 12th, ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA’ was brought out and it revealed. This is comeback in 8 months after ‘LOVE YOURSELF time Answer’ when it brings out at August last year. MAP OF THE SOUL: It is the new story after PERSONA ‘the bulletproof Boy Scouts shows between 6 months in 2′ LOVE YOURSELF’. As to the bulletproof Boy Scouts, korean singer took possession of 2 album series, 1 Wi with ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ series album in ‘the Billboard 200’, that is the U.S.A Billboard Maine album chart, primally last year. The Korean group was primally and risen to the Billboard ‘the Hat 100’ top 10 with the title song ‘FAKE LOVE’ of ‘LOVE YOURSELF all Tear’. The bulletproof Boy Scouts opens the stadium show in the Korean singer first New York in USA city field with ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour. Come from May 4th City of Los Angles in USA and Chicago, Brazil Sao Paulo through New Jersey, Great Britain London, Paris, and ‘LOVE YOURSELF in 8 areas till the Osaka and Shizuoka: Hold SPEAK YOURSELF’ stadium tour.
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