The Hyundai Motors · SK Telecom ‘AI service robot development’ joined hands.


Spur the Hyundai Motor (under Hyundai Motors) and service robot development for SKttelrekkomlee serving a customer. On 12th, Hyundai Motor Sunghwan Cho headquarter of research and development second in position at headquarters in the Bahyeot Dynal signing ceremony and current marching east robotics team head and SK Telecom Kim gloss AI director of center the Hyundai Motors and SK Telecom signed ‘the mutual cooperation MOU between the artificial intelligence (AI) platform of the both company for the service robot development’ in the Kyonggi-do Hwaseongsi meterial Hyundai Motor Namyang laboratory on 11thIt proceeded while the Hyundai Motors and representative of SK Telecom including, Yuung ring SV innovation director of center, and etc. attended. The Hyundai Motors and SK Telecom promised to keep the many-sided effort together in order to develop as a model arranged serving a customer Yong service robot in Hyundai Motor exhibition site through this convention communally. The staff is assisted and the service robot of the Hyundai Motors gets to perform the role that it receives the customer in the exhibition site. And Hyundai Motors is the plan that it expands the service area of the robot through the collaboration with SK Telecom and runs within the year showing an example. It prepares to the function including the client meet, car explanation, and etc. based on the voice conversation with the customers and as to service robot, in which AI platform ‘someone’ of the robot AI platform ‘month’ of Hyundai Motor and SK Telecom combines and which is developed the various service content including the music or weather, and etc. is planning to be mounted. The Hyundai Motors ‘month’ has the robot specialized technology including the recognizing area in which the robot installs the environment, the user and interact and video processing, natural language processing, and etc. with the feature. And it is looking forward to cause the considerable synergy between the customer contact point various, SK Telecom ‘someone’ and platform holding the domestic maximum user through the union. Hyundai Motors, as to the one-stage got to prolong the robotics business domain after the industrial · medical robot sector which it shows last year by going with the service robot sector through the robot development for serving a customer, more. The employee of Hyundai Motors told “it expects that customer can be more deeply understood and the headquarters of a party AI robot can be connected with the wider world through the largest in South Korea communications company SK Telecom and collaboration” “it is the plan which keeps in step with the robotics extension of business and applies AI technology, including the voice communication system to the various robot platforms”.
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