The isomerism ash · Boyeong Park and gold lineup completion…’The abyss ‘


The actor isomerism ash joins in the TvN drama ‘abyss’, that is coming 5 month broadcasting schedule. Like this, the production crew said on 12th that actor reason ash determined the performance in the TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘abyss’ which revealed and May is broadcasted after Boyeong Park and Anhyoseop. It is the visual fantacy drawing the story which 2 chase the homicide whom 2 man and women reviving as the abyss ‘the lifetime and 180 degree are different through the soul I bead abyss’ inversion visual ‘ put a damper on me. The genius surgeon Youngcheol Oh role was undertaken among the pole measured the isomerism joining in the starring recently. It was called as ‘the legend of the medical profession’ and Youngcheol Oh combined the cool-headed nap which is hidden into the respected person after the charitable micro. The genius doctor having the disintegration two faced with Youngcheol Oh whom it measures the reason is planning to be expressed with the strong acting ability. The reason ash was regardless of the drama ‘the image signal of the jealousy’, ‘the face of the king’, movie ‘public Enemy’ as well as ‘the Seo of 9 Ga’, and ‘Raui Shin moonlit night’ back Braun tube and screen so far and got the public love as the strong acting. The feeling of expectation of the audience is stirred up already if He shows any kind of looks in ‘abyss’. As to the TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘abyss’, come May is broadcasted.
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