The netizen…” in the triumph Kakaotalk retirementThe defeat ” except the victory


It is the fall of ‘the Seungcheu ratio’. If it was the broadcasting, if it was the broadcasting and business, while the business and He making a long drive taking advantage of victory were implicated in the narcotic and sexual entertainment case happening in the club which I managed before the enlistment, it declared till the entertainment world retirement and I started. It was him will participating faithfully in the investigation by police with the opening part of the incident and confident figure but the case has the shape that doesn’t reveal the secrets to quiet down and is gradually expanded. It became a subject of discussion till the fact that it runs the fellow celebrity and sexual intercourse movie onto the sleep now and the archaic word came to the honor of the big bang. It reported that fact that it shared the illegal video (1 hidden camera) in which SBS FunE puts the woman on another male mantissa 2 people, moreover, the Kakaotalk organization chat room in secret was revealed on 11th while the big bang victory turned into the suspect for the charge that it attempted the sexual entertainment to the foreign investor company. The acquaintance Kim who is Dop, as to ㅇ uploaded the formality business of the victory the sexual intercourse image of man and woman and photographs according to the report of this medium in the talk accomplishing last January 2016 p.m. 8 on 9th in 42 minutes. Kim is the person the police working for seize and search in one club arena as the tax evasion charge at last 10th. The triumph “who is it?” Kim uploads the image The man who appears immediately after asking was recognized and the name was mentioned. There was together the video heart man in the chat room. One in which as to woman, as to shooting location, I was being photographed on the liquor by the accommodation by the drunkenness8 people was altogether and included in the chat room with the wi and 2 male mantissa and Yoo representative of the Yuriholdingseu and acquaintance Kim and entertainment producing company employee 1 the people the people 2 the bright light. However, SBSfunE pointed out that it was not if someone felt the awareness of a problem at the hidden camera image and photo which 8 people everyones, as to Kim upgrades at that time. The netizen is offering the reaction that it mentions the image of the victory which it saw in the broadcasting and it is disappointing in relation with this. All Kkeureot.” the comment condemning YG entertainment in which there was a lot of the incidents related to the narcotic so far the attentionOne Aninya which punishes strongly, it has to investigate YG entertainment confiscation investigation with ” (youn****) “how on earth, Wae was overdoed” (khm****) ” this opportunity It is the big problem, ” (dds****) other singer can give notice of the real name truly. It gets angry truly, ” (bigh****) is really the disappointment. The triumph is not and isn’t the loser? (davi****) meantime, suddenly the entertainment world retirement will be declared to its own Instagram on 11th and on all charges surrounding me afterward will take the investigation sincerely, the victory was declared.
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