“the smoke in the chimney?” Chaerim informing the recent condition through the rumor about divorce


The actor Chaerim · Ohjjeu Ga worth of couple got involved in the rumor about divorce suddenly. The management company of Chaerim denied to be “groundless” but as to netizen, “the smoke through is gotten in the chimney” is the reaction. Chaerim who doesn’t engage the particular working informs the recent condition in the domestic by the rumor about divorce after 2010 years and especially it is causing to be unfortunate of many thises. China media Sina entertainment, Chinese phoenix net, and etc reported that Chaerim pointed out on 11th to delete the posting most of SNS We walking account and cut off follow altogether and the Chaerim and Ohjjeu Ga worth of divorced with the end of last year. It got and especially the weight one in which the husband Ohjjeu Ga worth of “the many works occurred for one year. The many works seem to be undergone” of Chaerim posts the meaningful writing on SNS leaned the interest to the divorce of 2 people in last Feburary. However, the agency Hunus entertainment of Chaerim denied the fact of divorce as “it is the work in which it is absent from the fact”. The management company explained “it reveals according to the results of verification of the applicant in person with the article of the actor who belongs to company Chaerim reported through the lately China medium at all to be the groundless” “because it was decided because there was no worth in which it will deal but it becomes accomplished fact till the domestic and is reported, the official position is told in order to catch lice directly”. The Hunus entertainment and exclusive contract was finished last year and Chaerim foretold the real domestic activity. One He met TV outing by the past familiar image after SBS variety program ‘it eats to look good. Then’ with the viewer again. However, the recent condition is informed through ‘rumor about divorce’ in just 5 months and it is causing to be unfortunate. It is like that and it divorced and the news scoops the netizen after the several months in fact. The smoke the bare land ” (rdw4****) ” super-annoying it is the fire Ppiwoeu In this way, the. “it decided to be friend” (yb71****) is seen due to ” (62nu****) “sooner or later” character with 2 after the month if the entertainment world return is publicized. Jeon Hyeonmoo Han Hye-Jin 2 month ” (hasa****) “would the article come out because of divorcing sooner or later?”(tjs1****) the smoke in the chimney It understands once and no. 2 is not, the reaction of ” (mer9****) back is shown. The relation was finished and the Chaerim and Ohjjeu Ga worth of got married in the Chinese drama ‘lee one’s family’ in 2014 October month. The son was delivered and in December 2017. Chaerim meantime debutting as MBC drama ‘adolescence’ in 1992 the drama ‘partner’ ‘drop’ ‘the daughter of the mother’ ‘KAIST’ ‘you it loves’ ‘all ones of the eve’ ‘now, among the love’ It appeared in the spring ‘ powerful enemy ‘ etc. of the certain victory solder Joon-young ‘ Dalja.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747712.htm, 2019/03/12 00:00:03]