‘the Syomideo money 8’ and this summer broadcasting…”One ” to be shown the new change


The Mnet ‘it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ comes back to this summer and the eighth season. Like this, Mnet was conveyed on 12th to reveal and start the applicant recruitment of come from April 4th ‘the Syomideo money 8’. In addition, mnet revealed the teaser video of ‘the Syomideo money 8’. The number ‘8’ which appears so that the image inside can be strong holds the expectation for the new season in reverence. As to this season participant recruitment, come April 4th to May 3rd proceeds. As the wrappers preparing to every season ability and personality were introduced and the strong performance was shown, the get heated participation of the person of real ability wrappers is expected. The detailed content about the recruitment is planning to be informed through the afterward ‘the Syomideo money 8’ official site. Last year, ‘the Syomideo money 777’ brought in the betting system for the first time in the country and new presented the fresh fun and tension. The stage new of the form that it is the group competition is and opened. The production crew said that ‘it is the Syo U.S. dumber’ was planning to be changed to be completely new in the season 8 in 2019. In order to maximize the pungent tension of the survivor format with deriving to the utmost the hip-hop which adjusts to the time and which it is being rapidly changed and Jangneujeok fascination that it has the rap, the preparation of all things is gotten. The Mnet ‘the Syomideo money 8’ is broadcasted at summer of 2019.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747756.htm, 2019/03/12 11:23:03]