The triumph · Junyeong Chung and fall this of the star are bitter.


The thing was greater than the thought. The big bang triumph called as ‘the Seungcheu ratio’ decided to retire from the entertainment world and after discontinuing the overseas fixed middle schedule hastily, the singer Junyeong Chung decides to return to home country immediately. The triumph and Junyeong Chung and familiar fellow celebrity was started in the active explanation for fear of being implicated in the case. Suddenly the triumph (29· one’s real name two wins string) declared at last eleventh that it will retire from the entertainment world in its own Instagram. The narcotic and sexual violence controversy emerged in the club burning sun which I managed recently and it was him who it underwent the investigation by police and who is. However, because his attitude acted with confidence even if it did a few days ago, unexpected ‘the entertainment world announcement of retirement’ gave the shock to many thises. The same day singer Junyeong Chung (31) was at the center of debate. On 11th SBS ‘8 newses’ which it declares that victory will retire from the entertainment world was due to report that Junyeong Chung who is one people among the entertainer belonging in the Kakaotalk chat room of which the victory of the big bang is included spread the illegal photographic image. Because of having the sexual intercourse with the women, the message was sent according to the reporting to the file which SBS restores the conversation to the year 2,015 friend chance certain seed which Junyeong Chung is over. After that, asked the Kim certain cause “there is no image” and Junyeong Chung uploaded 3 second image shooting the scene had the women and sexual intercourse in secret. It told because the illegality shot the sexual intercourse to another companion of conversation and it felt happy. SBS “the body part of the female employee was chopped with the photo and video in the roomsalon and Junyeong Chung was shared with the fellow celebrity at the similar time” told. In the meantime, it reported “junyeong Chung posted the photo of the woman, whom it goes to sleep and etc. on the association chatting room where the famous singer is included frequently and it was proud of”. It is 10 degrees of drunkenness only that the illegality shooting victim is confirmed according to data which this day SBS procures about 10 months amount from the end of 2015. Especially, in this association chatting room, it was known that illegal image which the other celebrity or the general acquaintance who the celebrity is not takes a picture came up. The next day official position was made and it was “when this seriousness is recognized of this case and it thinks very regrettably” and the agency label M of Junyeong Chung revealed in connection with this “junyeong Chung and contact the now digest the overseas schedule is made. However, the headquarters of a party is enduring hardship in the clear fact relation grip”. After that, it told to be “one which it discontinued all constants and it decided to return to home country immediately and only Junyeong Chung engages faithfully in the investigation of police as it returns to home country”. When the situation in this way, then Yong Jun-Hyung, Lee Hong-ki, and etc. maintaining Junyeong Chung and acquaintance usually began to be discussed as the member of ‘the triumph Kakaotalk room’ and the explanation statement was left in the official position and SNS and 2 people drew the cable. Because of being the triumph which the police is investigating and Junyeong Chung having the investigation by police ahead yet, this anything cannot be concluded hastily. However, it is the part which moreover it cannot deny in fact that it appears on the variety program which the member of the big bang informing the name before and ‘two days’ ‘the Jjan inside tour’ etc. is various as the global star and the popular familiar Junyeong Chung receives the investigation under the title called ‘arrangement of prostitution’ and ‘the illegality sexual intercourse video shooting and circulation’. The victory had to offer the seat in which after all, I liked most and which it enjoyed as this work called ‘star’. The investigation is the step where it is proceeding yet. However, the responsibility of the management is due to follow in his who it plays role of the director inside company of the club which becomes a problem and who is position. The public love is gotten. It is the meaning that moreover it has to make the responsibility in its own name so much to incur with the star. There says be a lot of the money and one having had doesn’t have nothing star.
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