‘the triumph dispute’ Hanbyeol Park “one to be finished the drama and relationship nothing… responsibility”


While the victory of the big bang receives the investigation by police against all sorts of charges including the related to the club burning sun arrangement of prostitution, narcotic circulation, and etc. and there is, together it gets attention and the eyes the representative of the Yuriholdingseu which it is known with the representative of the burning sun is on the pass of his wife Hanbyeol Park. One in which it is Hanbyeol Park whom it returns to the Braun tube to the drama ‘love when being sad’ in 2 years, however, the red light is turned on in his activity with the unexpected disputeThe Hanbyeol Park agency fly work entertainment revealed in connection with this to be in the afternoon on 12th, “the drama in which it is appearing is planning to be finished” “one in which there is no to discuss the next product or schedule afterward, however, it digests altogether the already expected work”. MBC drama ‘love when being sad’ which Hanbyeol Park is appearing is the condition where it is broadcasted as 40 parts weekend dramas till 12 times. Meantime, the willingness attends the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency p.m. 9 on 27th of last month and the big bang wi has the Ba undergoing the investigation by police as the people violence of the employee cutting the burning happening in the club burning sun, narcotic circulation, police coalescing, arena sexual entertainment suspicion, and etc. He denied all charges at that time and revealed “it will engage faithfully in the investigation”. However, when it was booked on the suspect in the suspect in an internal investigation at last 10th and the investigation was developed, then suddenly the entertainment world from was retired.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747792.htm, 2019/03/12 14:55:42]