The TvN “junyeong Chung and ‘ present the steamed rice used for brewing rice wine west 3’ ‘ the Jjan in tour ‘ whole edit · the getting off decision Junyeong Chung” (formal)


The whole edit installed the broadcasting programme quantity of Junyeong Chung who TvN is getting the illegal shooting and circulation suspicion. The report material is presented on 12th and is tvN swallowed up in the field? With recognizing the seriousness of the situation and editing Junyeong Chung quantity altogether afterward the season 3′ production crew decided, he told. Are you eaten in ‘ field according to the production crew? The season 3’ was expected from the planning at the time that imine mistake, as to Junyeong Chung LA shooting appeared San Francisco shooting. Presently, return to home country after finishing the shooting schedule altogether. It revealed that also ‘the Jjan in tour’ chose the getting off of Junyeong Chung. The production crew said to be “one which edits altogether and which the photographing part of Junyeong Chung broadcasts considering the severity of the issue afterward”. The SBS 8 news ‘ reported that Junyeong Chung induced the illegal photographic image at last eleventh. The hidden camera video sharing case of Junyeong Chung made the entertainment world big stir and the shock was given to many thises. Meantime, the days program was known to be finished and Junyeong Chung is known to come home from U.S.A. The agency make earth entertainment told “it reveals to be the position which engages faithfully in the investigation of police as it returns to home country”.
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