The world of singers and sensibility singer song writers which the spring is right come back.


The singer song writers having March and warm sensitivity in which it approaches that chilly weather has remarkably abated come back along with the spring breeze. Relatively, the stars have altogether three titles called the lyricist · composer · singer at the age are recently uncommon. It examined in the stars that released the results of work that its own time asks every time and show the musical ability. ◆ the situation luck and ‘Feeling (Feat PENOMECO) ” Singeosongna odontolith ‘ singer situation luck comes back. The agency starship entertainment which the feeling forms introduced the plus version photo teaser of the new the mini album ‘±0 (the plus minus zero)’ of the situation luck to the formal SNS channel in the afternoon on 10th. It develops more and more to the album this time activity in the concept which it maintained so far and which is clear and cool and which is pure and the deeper maturation is done the situation luck is planning to show the dark lingering imagery according to the agency. As to new album, the situation luck exposes the ability which is had as the singer song writer. The title song ‘Feeling (Feat in which the hip hop musician Ppenome nose (penomeco) takes part in the featuring and the situation luck is in charge of the writing the lyrics PENOMECO) ‘Going Home’ (the Going platform) remake tune of the self-composed music ‘White’ (white) and Jaurim Kim Yoona, and etc. was collected including ‘ (feeling). Meantime, the situation luck, on the coming 19th, ‘±0 (the plus minus zero)’ and recording title song ‘Feeling (Feat Announce the PENOMECO)’. ◆ the Baegyerin and ‘Our love is great’ singer Baegyerin comes back. The Baegyerin agency JYP entertainment opened the comeback announcement image informed 0 o’clock agency formal SNS of the comeback of the Baegyerin on 11th. Baegyerin is planning to show the new digital mini album ‘Our love is great’ according to this on the coming 18th at 6 p.m. The singer usnea Baegyerin takes part in the album title song of ‘Bye byemy blue’ (the writing the lyrics cloud · Baegyerin and composition cloud) ‘the space is crossed’ (the writing the lyrics Baegyerin · cloud and composition Baegyerin · cloud) ‘his sea’ (the writing the lyrics Baegyerin and composition Baegyerin · cloud) ‘Blue’ (the writing the lyrics Baegyerin and composition Baegyerin · cloud) and recording song task so farIt had been being the nap the steps as the eater. Meantime, baegyerin comes back to the album putting up its own name after the Christmas season eulogy ‘Love you on Christmas’ announced last December 2017 in 3 about one month s in 2. ◆ Jaeen Jang and ‘it tells that it is good’ singer song writer Jaeen Jang comes back. The new digital single ‘it tells that it is good’ music video teaser video who is the man of general timber the agency New Era project who is the man of general timber was revealed to the formal SNS account on 11th. The new song is released according to the image to every kind on-line sound source site on the coming 12th at 6 p.m. It participated in the several musical compositions including ‘to you who the other someone is not’ (the writing the lyrics Jaeen Jang · composition Hyunmin Kang) ‘my satellite’ (the writing the lyrics Jaeen Jang · composition formula circle) ‘winter night’ (the writing the lyrics Jaeen Jang · composition Hyeongseok Kim) ‘Love Me Do’ (the writing the lyrics Jaeen Jang · composition Jaeen Jang) and Jaeen Jang had been announcing the song so far. Meantime, jaeen Jang comes back to the writing the lyrics and composed new musical composition after the single ‘seoul noir’ announcing at May last year in just 10 months directly.
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