The Yong Jun-Hyung ” Junyeong Chung and hidden camera shooting · circulation participation? The related nothing… is disconcerted.


The illegal shooting Ha 11 days SBS 8 news ” Junyeong Chung the sexual intercourse movie Yong Jun-Hyung and agency denied promptly the suspicion that it participated in the singer Yong Jun-Hyung, moreover, this organization chatting room became a subject of discussion it was reported as one in which the singer Junyeong Chung shares the sexual intercourse hidden camera (hidden camera) image on the messenger (kakaotalk) chatting room of which the big bang victory is includedIt checked that it circulated, “it reports” conversation was not operated. After worrying, the real name decided to be revealed and in order to prevent the damage any more the real name of Junyeong Chung was opened. In this day broadcasting data screen, the subtitles that it is ‘the singer dragon OO’ was on the air. Yong Jun-Hyung began to be aroused in this among the entertainer in the organization chatting room if one people was not. This day formal report data was distributed and the firmness denied Yong Jun-Hyung agency. The agency had never been in this what kind of chat room in which ” (yong Jun-Hyung) video was shared. Besides, because of have never never be in this what kind of Dantok room, it checked and revealed. It wrote on Yong Jun-Hyung, moreover, this day Instagram directly and the front side was denied. The Yong Jun-Hyung “when taking the end that I joined in this case or it is implicated in the detail that it is reported, it was really disconcerted. I at got to be once again looked back in the fact that it left the whether it is true or not and was related to this work and the name was talked” told. After that, the detail that it excluded ” front and back situation and was mended and is reported was not fact at all. And at the time of holding, I was unable to recognize this detail that there were those things. I can think about the end asking in return really unintentionally that there is the fault. All words and deeds decide to be advisedly little more done from now on and it added. Meantime, this day SBS news 8 reported, Junyeong Chung uploaded the image shooting the friend sexual intercourse at the end of 2015 in secret on the organization chatting room. Moreover, the body part of the female employee was chopped with the photo and video in the roomsalon and it shared with the fellow celebrity. It is Yong Jun-Hyung agency official position professional, under is trying to be informed in connection with the singer Junyeong Chung Kakaotalk room opening to the public news reported in the news at evening 8 o’clock with the year 2019. March 12 the ja SBS. The men are mentioning the singer dragon the news appears movie in the illegal photographic image organization Kakaotalk room conversation detail that it is revealed OO this highlight member Yong Jun-Hyung which and the headquarters of a party is checking. There is no relation Yong Jun-Hyung with this any illegal video shooting and circulation. Moreover, it had never been in this what kind of chat room in which the illegal shooting video of Junyeong Chung was shared Yong Jun-Hyung. Besides, it checked because of have never never be in Junyeong Chung and this what kind of Dantok room. This news is revealed and it checks directly with Yong Jun-Hyung directly, and at the time when Junyeong Chung is suffering the embarrassment because of in 2016 private thing previously, originally the Kakaotalk detail that it is revealed to the news answers with 1:1 conversation of Junyeong Chung and Yong Jun-Hyung to the question of Yong Jun-Hyung asked to be something as “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it takes one which it sends it takes the movie”. Changed on content, “were you caught by this girl?” It asked that place in return. The truth is planning to be checked on the virtual association Kakaotalk fireproof side revealed to the news with SBS news. Of course, it is right in fact. However, it is the friend it is feeling that all men who know him with Yong Jun-Hyung about being implicated in the only familiar reason in this work feel victimized. On reward which loses the honor of the position artist with the spread of false information that is not confirmed continuously or the malicious placard catalog and comment and causes the damage will install the legal action strictly. The mind of the fans much surprised by the evening and unexpected story wishes to be quickly stabilized. Ask the interest and love which is many in the highlight 5 member in the future. Thank you
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