“with the first base and first base”… smallpox nothing and new musical composition ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ teaser center ‘the affirmation energy’


The girl group smallpox nothing started into the comeback countdown. The smallpox nothing agency RBW opened the title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth (gogobebe)’ music video teaser video of the smallpox nothing 9 number the mini album ‘the white wind’ to 0 carring out system SNS on 12th. The aspects of the smallpox nothing members that gets the party invitation in the image and is fully full of the expectancy is contained. With bearing the excited feeling the members selected the party expression advisedly and put on makeup. All Chwot the choreographing which it gets together roundly and claps the smallpox nothing finishing within change to be powerful, whereas uses the pony tail hair The affirmation energy of the attractive facial expression acting center smallpox nothing peculiarity was contained. The housekeeping called “1 base and the first base and Gogobe hemp cloth” was revealed and especially the feeling of expectation of the fans was evoked. Previously, the smallpox nothing agency had been opening successively the various contents notifying concept of the new album ‘the white wind’ in advance beginning with the comeback teaser image. The lively charisma was put together and the charisma which 4 Saek of 4 people are various was shown from the appearance the charisma overflowing. The title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ is including the meaning that it doesn’t cling to the passed love and thing and heads for the future according to the agency with the tune which can be exciting and feel the cheerful energy of the smallpox nothing. Meantime, the ninth mini album ‘the white wind’ is announced p.m. 6 on 14th and the smallpox nothing starts into the title song ‘the Gogobe hemp cloth’ into the real working.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747761.htm, 2019/03/12 11:45:08]