“I increased now”… Lee Hong-ki and reason why ‘Hat’ is suddenly worn out?


While it was seized by the suspicion that it participated in the singer this red flag Ga Junyeong Chung and victory association message chatting room (the Kakaotalk room), this was cavalierly denied. Lee Hong-ki appeared on ‘wrap the nucleole shared with the Lee Hong-ki & Dindin and ally’ in order to congratulate the new musical composition ‘gurgling’ issue of the Dindin at last 12th. In this day broadcasting, Lee Hong-ki explained about the rumor surrounding me directly. Lee Hong-ki told “the Dindin Ssi has to climb the room sword (the real-time search word ranking) and I climb the room sword now” “I was suddenly worn out with ‘ Hat ‘”. Dindin was spoken to this “it was startled all of a sudden at dawn” “it called the red flag Ssi directly then”. Lee Hong-ki explained to this “it got a call from Dindin suddenly at dawn” “the situation was gotten to know when answering the phone”. Lee Hong-ki is previously seized by the suspicion that it participated in the association chatting room where the singer Junyeong Chung spreads the moment of sexual intercourse the illegality. As to the day before SBS 8 news, junyeong Chung reported the sexual intercourse hidden camera (hidden camera) image in the association chatting room where the big bang member triumph takes part to share. In this day broadcasting, the subtitles that the person called ‘the singer this OO’ took part in this chatting room was on the air. He guessed the netizen as Lee Hong-ki. ” unboiled ramen along with the photo which the dispute surrounded him becomes a subject of discussion, then Lee Hong-ki watches the movie in the dawn Instagram on 12th and beer The writing that it is the Gut night (the good night) ” was all uploaded and the indirect line was drawn.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747820.htm, 2019/03/13 00:00:02]