‘idol’ and unkind development and aftertaste uncomfortable


It is the work which is not easy. The movie of which the popular color is contained is clearly not. The temporary doesn’t have to take the temporary eyes off the takes off and it has to concentrate in order to been loosening the skein of thread which it is vermiculate. And leave the uncomfortable lingering imagery in this end. It is the story of the movie ‘idol’ (the supervision Lee Su-jin). As to the idol ‘, do you put the story which gets to fall into the situation where the Ryeon (cheonuhui) where there is with the son of the victim father in oil equation (kyongkoo Seol) which was trying to have to cannot have with the provincial member clemency sashimi (the Han Suk-kyu) which is driven into the crisis of the irrevocable political life worst of the son and day of the accident Chinese dish and which disappears without a trace cannot hold? There is. The movie doesn’t have the law going over one scene one scene easily. It has to brood many times. It has to think constantly and worry. The target which the clemency time, in oil type, and Ryeon 3 person wants is what, whether it concentrates and 3 has to follow in order to grasp this intentionThe assemblyman clemency time expected much, father loses the mentally retarded children in oil type, and ethnic Koreans living in China Ryeon which tries in order to break away from the status as illegal alien The setting up of 3 people are a bit common. However, the feel in which the integrity between organization of the drama and fresh character and character are fine and it seems to watch the movie of the other new genre is inspired. The acting of the actors taking care of this role is overwhelming and especially the immersion is authentically high. It is clear that each person chases. The clemency time succeeds and its own vein Ryeon in oil type is the alive. It advances to its own way so that these can earn me thing. This process is ghastly. Do not hesitate the murder. The process is not important to hims. Only it is the object only. Lee Su-jin supervision burrows the inner surface of this characters acutely and expresses indirectly as if it is indicative. The feeling of the characters bursts out. However, this feeling is completely understood, it is difficult to follow. Therefore, the unkind feel gets strongly. The feel that the roughness index be difficult to listen and especially, the ethnic Koreans living in China dialect in the star Ryeon misses the important part gets strongly. Not, neverthless, it doesn’t become to the difficult movie to the Ryeon transmitting lines. The strength drops out in watching the movie. The Lee, Yi Gamdok explained to be on this part “one which the lines is not well heard but there is no trouble when it understands the movie if the nuance is well delivered”. However, it expects the Ryeon lines acts on the audience watching the movie importantly. The Lee, Yi Gamdok revealed “the incidents of which were big and small the Korean society at were looked and this start made the movie in the curiosity for where approval” the planning intention. The idol ‘ opens on the coming 20th. The length in seconds is 143 minutes and is the watchable over the age of 15.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747835.htm, 2019/03/13 05:00:04]