“it is nervous. However.” The brave electric conduction ‘Spring’ of extraordinary Park spring (image)


Can ” I take up that way? Face of right is due to be better. It was tense but also the professional games was the program. The debut in 11 tea singer foil spring came back. That broke the blank of about year 4 and it was the end, the foil saw in the diary art hall which is the day located in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul with 13 at 5 p.m., the new solo single ‘the Spring’ commemoration of sale showcase proceeded. Sandara Park who the brother who the producer ejecting the numerous hit song is brave produced with the first formal new album which ‘Spring’ announces in the new agency part a division after Park spring Holloseogiha and who was together active as the group two Annie circle (2NE1) participated by the featuring. After stopping the working after the dope dispute enveloped in last 2014 for some time, Park spring starts the musical activity with ‘Spring’ in 4 years. The stage was surprisingly previously opened in the Mnet ‘MAMA’ in 2015 and the face was shined for some time. But it was him who is after no news for a long time. One stroke was drawn in the girl group history with 2NE1 in girl group for a while. Because of being him soaking the best heyday ㄴ as the member in girl group well-known so far, the interest toward the new album ‘Spring’ was hot from the issue. In this day field, many groups of reporters flocked. It admired MC Ding taking care of the progress dong, moreover, “the reporter who is abundant by the highest in history came”. The looks which the foil saw, moreover it is tense was obvious. Park spring appeared with the end called “it was so nervous and the sleep was run wild” and ” stage missed really. All Bahyeot the resolution it will try the various looks will be presented it will be eagerly more active for the fans waiting for me with “***” so far it wanted the fans will see really Moreover, even if the Gareu height ” I will take the seat in which it has a seat up that way, would it become? Face of right was better and the appearance paying attention about one which it details in the event overall was displayed. However, the debut this figure Park spring showed the nap as the car singer authentically severely in 11 when the stage started for some time. The tension and vibration vanished in the face of Park spring spreading the new musical composition ‘spring’ stage. His who would like to express with the song authenticity was full. Regard the difference of Park spring “my feeling would like to be delivered to the public and fans to the song that it is ‘ spring ‘” finishing this day ‘spring’ stage the other singers” and I as my voice. All Bahyeot.’ I my cordiality will be sung as this voiceThe spring ‘ is the tune serving the message which is abundant by the Biyujeok expression that it is the spring with the sound which it does POP-based groove and tune in which the rhythmical Gachangbeop of Park spring stands out. It was born as the producer Chakkun and group work of the red cookie and sandara Park participated the brother who the head of the breve entertainment is brave in the featuring in the tip of a writing brush. Park spring expressed sandara Park who is helpful to ‘spring’ featuring as ‘faithful woman’. Park spring explained “if ‘ you was featuring surely, it will be good and I say to sandara Park in advance, it accepts willingly”, saying that it was “it is really the thankful friend of which the loyalty overflows”. After that, it kills all “the text message was received from the showcase all sandara park”, it does. The mind of the cheer that it does eagerly was felt and told. This day Park spring displayed figure which told “I the album ‘Spring’ am seen now for the first time” and is unable to take eyes off the takes off from the album real thing. After that, two pauses were taken to the question that it points out the album jacket photo which was most confident and likes directly. Park spring taking the album position through MC Ding motion help emitted ‘talent’ as the celebrity which doesn’t get rusty even when acting with confidence. The regretful mind was expressed about 2NE1 attaining the 10th anniversary as this year. Park spring was “when there is no word in which the former two Annie circle members are actively personally all active now and which comes and goes specially” and “however, surely it would like to get together once if the chance is given” expressed the wind. It dealt firmly with the dispute. It confessed in 2014, on the narcotic smuggling dispute which becomes a subject of discussion “in this seat, the box Jjeum wanted to be told surely satisfactorily” “because when at the time investigation didn’t proceed any more, it thinks that there is no suspicion”. After that, the foil which it drooped “however, because of being the work originating from my ignorance, it would like to apologize about the Jeom causing anxiety” the head, makes the voice in the year 4 seeing. His who lifts the released single ‘Spring’ p.m. 6 on 13th and engages the real working gets attention.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747949.htm, 2019/03/13 19:41:56]