Junyeong Chung and celebrity of the worst in history


The shocking news which is close to ‘exposure’ held the real time searching Eo among the entertainment news which one two is updated on a real time basis all day long. It is about which it cannot believe even though it sees as the eye. It is the story of the Junyeong Chung (31) memorized as the entertainer of the worst in history. Junyeong Chung case began with the exclusive news of SBS ‘8 newses’ at last eleventh. While the wi of the group big bang took the investigation of the police according to the report since the case cut the burning recently and there was, the singer Junyeong Chung belonged among these talking into him and Kakaotalk. One that illegally Junyeong Chung took a picture of the image whom it has the women and sexual intercourse in the chatting room of the problem and important one circulatedAccording to this day broadcast, junyeong Chung was spoken in Kakaotalk to Kim in 2015 that it had the sexual relations with the certain women and Kim shared the image of 3 second quantities which it shoots in secret when there was no ” (sexual intercourse) image and it asked. Besides, the photograph of the famous woman singer gone to sleep was posted on the association Kakaotalk chat room frequently and it was proud of. ‘aftermath’ all Geoset the report goes out The giving information about Junyeong Chung whom it was not revealed onto the sleep was due to be publicized with one two, Junyeong Chung 12 days and dispatch reconstructed and reported the story divided into the friends and Kakaotalk talk so far. It was more concrete than the last night news and the detail was shocking. The dialogue heart Junyeong Chung was 180 degree other appearances with ‘the celebrity Junyeong Chung’ which we know. ‘competitive show’ was enjoyed against the fellow celebrity which it symbolized the women as the genitalia of the women and took mention, it works. It made a noise that celebrity having sex was described as ‘good restaurant’ and it laughed with the co-workers. The more shocking part is the word that He who He who it be disclosed that shoot the women having the bed 3 years ago in secret and aroused criticism held the press interview did to the acquaintance. The press conference hall to is gone and it pretends to be sorry and comes. After Junyeong Chung passed through between boiling kettle between about 3 months at that time that suit was withdrawn and the relevant women received the unsuspectedness judgment against, it returned to the broadcast. In an indifferent way. It is Junyeong Chung who debutted as the survivor program ‘the superstar K’ and was in the year 6 or the public world of culture and art. It is the broadcaster getting without exception the popular love by not only hard-core fan but also the variety program appearance on the stage and is the word. The shock and large-scale disappointment with is given the colleague who that is right He works together and worked together the engineer that it divided into ‘A’ ‘B’ like the fish which the meat market sells the junior walking down the street like me and evaluated not only colleague watched him for a long time but also public. There are these who are over the shock and disappointment and feel the sense of betrayal. It is the celebrity colleagues working with Junyeong Chung. Especially the blow of the production crew had been share in KBS 2TV variety program ‘two days’ and members seems to be more serious for a long time. It is ‘two days’ members who believed to the end Junyeong Chung alighting from the program once as the charge of sexual assault and positively rooted for his return. In conclusion, the belief and sincerity tumbled down by being shabby. It is Junyeong Chung memorized as the case of the worst in history and worst celebrity. Of course, it will be early and the investigation by police will be tried, and it can know accurately. However, if this all ones were the fact, as ‘commercial value’ this of Junyeong Chung making a noise about the colleague and woman like the item fell, it fell and the floor was hit. The fans love him are the place that colleagues who is Mideot don’t want him Junyeong Chung any more, it is the word. Meantime, the variety program schedule where it was shooting in the afternoon on 12th was discontinued and Junyeong Chung who was taking a picture of the sexual intercourse movie in secret and is hiting against the circulated charge came home to the Incheon International Airport hastily. While “why the sexual intercourse movie of was taken a picture in secret” ran through in the refuse to answer in the question of the group of reporters, He jamming the hat on throughly got out of. The police was the policy in which it summons and investigates him prior to sooner or later and this day voluntary company was not taken.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747828.htm, 2019/03/13 00:00:02]