Kim Hye Ja suffering from ‘it is dazzling’ Alzheimer? …’The inversion ending ‘


In the drama ‘it is dazzling’, the shock inversion that the hyeja (kim Hye Ja) is suffering from Alzheimer was exposed in JTBC TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘it is dazzling’ (the script southward Gyu · Kim Su-jin and direction Kim Seok gloss) 10 time which the time secession secret of Kim Hye Ja was uncovered, the day is broadcasted with 12 and the aftertaste and shock which the heart is asleep was given. The hyeja (kim Hye Ja) finding the cenosis (namjuhyeok) from this day hope (heewon Kim) for was gone to the sea which the setting sun is defeated with him. And the clock grandfather (the total nonexistence eulogy) handed over the so much earnest watch to hyeja. At the moment when seeing the initial which is written on the watch backside surface, the hyeja time began to be again mixed. The hyeja (the Hahn, Han Geemin) of it wears the mourning close at hand 25 of confused hyejas undertook. When faints pouring in memory as it is hyeja opened hyeja eyes, all ones of the reality were changed. As long as the shock was fallen, I was suffering from Alzheimer the truth of hyeja made the heart into the lingering imagery to sting the tip of one’s tongue. The watch turned the time didn’t make but all ones were the work happening in memory of hyeja hung on Alzheimer. 25 hyejas were the past of 70 shot hyejas. It was the first quarter who is the sanatorium doctor based upon. The mom and dad was the son and daughter-in-law. While it leaves 2 times till the end and the secret of the shocking time secession is uncovered, the interest is pouring into the eventuality. The secret to be still solved remains. It is exposed in the eventuality if how the sculpture of the memory which is everywhere hidden till the identity of hyeja who wears the hyeja and which it was the past in memory couple, hints cenosis and mourning and sheds the tear and clock grandfather is adjusted. The final episode is broadcasted in the half an hour JTBC on 18th p.m. 9 on 19th.
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