‘kingdom 2’ staff dies of the traffic accident on 12th. The second opinion sad news


The staff of Netflix drama ‘kingdom 2’ (the script Eunhui Kim and direction Kim Sunghun · Enje Park) died. It was the second opinion after the season 1 staff death, on 12th property car which the staff this Mao Ssi (20) in charge of the property of ‘kingdom’ is over was driven according to 13 days entertainment people concerned and it passed away by the traffic accident. While heading for the field for Pyeongchang shooting expected on 13th, the dead faced the accident according to the people concerned due to the youngest staff joining in ‘kingdom 2’ field recently. The funeral of the deceased was known to be held at Namyangju’s one funeral hall and this week shooting of ‘kingdom 2’, as to the front side was cancelled. The contact was made to the manufacturer A story in relation with this many times but it is the situation where it doesn’t get in touch. The Kingdom ‘ imparts the news of death of the art staff at January last year. The shooting was finished and the ear complained of the middle dizziness and the staff fell down at that time. The radionuclide cerebral angiography against was hit and He transferred after hospital died after all. At that time, ‘kingdom’ was enveloped in the death from overwork dispute by the death of the staff. The whole country movie industry union demanded the cause of death of the dead the determination and improvement of the movie · broadcasting production field in the death from overwork. However, while the news of death of ‘kingdom’ staff is once again known in 1 year, it causes to be unfortunate. All Moat the interest which ‘kingdom’ revealed on last on January 25th is international Since the sensation came to Korean traditional outfit and hat, culture of the Joseon Dynasty, and etc., the fresh criticism was gotten from the overseas viewer. Especially it was in most popular 21 Wi of TV show rank in the biggest scale movie ·TV database site IMDB (Internet Movie Database). Therefore, the interest is more particular. While Enje Park director of the movie ‘metropolitan citizen’ finds the megaphone from 2 times and Taehun Kim, and etc. the actor Park bottle join refreshingly, the expectancy is high. However, while the sad news of the staff was known, it was in the once again embarrassed situation. When the dying king comes back to life, then the Kingdom ‘ is the end of Joseon which the crown prince which is driven into the traitor steps and mystery thriller which digs up these secrets which the monster becomes after the hunger and starts from that place. The actor general purport Korean translation of Chinese character, Ryu Seongryong, Dona Bae, and etc. appear.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747922.htm, 2019/03/13 16:27:45]