“my house is the hell due to you”The, ‘minority’ poster opening to the public


The mutually different appearance of 5 people getting to know was the secret of the staff (kim gloss silicon dioxide flower) included in the first poster which the poster of the first directed by ‘minority’ of the actor Kim gloss seat was revealed, 13 days Show Box reveal. Even though the secret of the husband is known, as the daughter is give comfort the calm Yeong-Ju (the Chunga Yum) guesses the feeling of Yeong-Ju in which the looks hiting on the shoulder endures the wound for the daughter. Yeong-Ju’s aspects of the daughter leg-screw (gimhyejun) expresses the confused heart with the look which is mixed when the hate about the shock about the case and dad install. Even when the aspects of the Beauty (sochin Kim) entertain the micro with maintaining the distance in the Oreu ppyeon with the daughter Yoona the least is the mother, the character of the Beauty which would like to be loved is secretly shown. The look of the Yoona (the person who the foil becomes strong) that stares at the front with supporting the jaw with one hand has the attitude which is expressing the discontent for the adults fullness and in which it is contrasted with the leg-screw. Among these, ‘my house is the hell due to you’The text is noticeable to the eyes. This line showing the resentment of the leg-screw toward Yoona digging up the secret seems to shoot the member providing the cause to the case just like this storm. The curiosity for the story is amplified. All Geuryeot the story of 2 families who the minority ‘ faces the case like the storm shaking the calm everyday 4 month prearrangements of release
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747851.htm, 2019/03/13 09:09:19]