Put down till the triumph · Junyeong Chung Kakaotalk room and drunk driving. …’The police coalescing situation capture ‘


The insistence that the police and coalescing context was revealed to the Kakaotalk conversation that the big bang member triumph and singer Junyeong Chung, and etc. is included was proposed. Also the doubt of the least about him the suspicion in which it is implicated in the high level of ” police the representatives of investigation headquarters, including 13 days Mingamnyong police administrator hold the press conference in the Seodaemun-gu in Seoul Migeundong The office of police agency the eyes of the concern is unchanged is proposed the equitable investigation was promised the police officer held the press conference The will that it will investigate downright was trying to be revealed and the background in which it holds the press conference was explained. The content that this day investigation headquarters people concerned told that he seized and searches the private forensic company restoring the cellular phone of the past Junyeong Chung and secured the Kakaotalk conversation some and it is related to the drunk driving among the conversation added to appear. The representative of investigation headquarters revealed “when the detail that there was a person and it worried that this fact is reported and someone said put down this part is the drunk driving in the past”. Only, the police explained that mention that one people put down was among the other man having in the Kakaotalk room which the policeman is not. The representative of investigation headquarters explained as the conversation ” of the purpose that he was caught by the issue “it is this” drunk driving control which it gets the fine by dealing with ” (drunk driving) formal accident and prevented that he was afraid if he appeared in the press because of being the entertainer and it asked the other man where there is that place and the report comes out. After that, this people concerned added that it seemed to ask, saying that the character getting the request which asks to put down the report was considerably the influential person not to appear in the press.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1747927.htm, 2019/03/13 17:06:29]