SM “the Dio (kyongsu Do) and renewal misfire NO and term of a contract were much remained” (formal)


SM entertainment denied the position singer and actor Dio (kyongsu Do) and separation rumor. The exo agency SM Entertainment Company Limited people concerned revealed on 13th, “the news that the Dio and renewal misfired is the groundless. And the term of a contract remains much yet”. Previously, this day Asian economy reported that Dio was stepping on SM and parting procedure. It agreed on the SM Entertainment Company Limited and renewal but the piece was made that Dio parted and the exo member all was the manifestation of manner known according to this in preparation. Meantime, dio debutted as the group exo in the SM Entertainment Company Limited in 2012. Recently, the provincial police royal meal took care of solder heartburnings movie ‘the swing kids’ starring in the one’s real name last year and performed the hot rolling.
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