The age of media which is 1 from ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ child till the housewife with… now


In culture and current event program ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’, dig all ones of the broadcasting, that is 1, up. In the TvN ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ broadcasted today, (13 days), Lee Ju-Young creator, Gimwan reporter, and Kang Min Hyeong one person the media instructor appears and one person media fever is analyze. Firstly, point out the proliferation phenomenon of the kids creator in which it attracts many popularities recently and. After that, the kids contents analyze the popularity the reason why it has only the number of Kkeul and the cast is planning to captivate the attention. Especially, in ‘TMI research institute’ corner, visit the Choerin military of the popularity kids creator Mairin TV directly. Moreover, tell about the increase in the housewife creator. The video is uploaded with the subject and the housewife creators in which it catches popularity and which are the sports, cooking, childcare, and etc. introduced. Besides, the media cases, that is various 1, are revealed. Meantime, broadcast the media gale chapter, that is the TvN ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ 1, p.m. 7 on 13th 10 minute.
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